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Thread: 3/25 Show Discussion ****Spoilers****

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    Re: 3/25 Show Discussion ****Spoilers****

    Cristian wasn't in the bottom two in the traditional sense. Tom or Samantha said it was the couple with the lowest overall score and another couple (not necessarily with the second lowest score).

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    Re: 3/25 Show Discussion ****Spoilers****

    Quote Originally Posted by Nemeses;2868779;
    Hmm, those Jonas Brothers aren't very good. They have trouble staying on key and in harmony, and it sounds like one of them's voice is going through puberty.

    They sound like The Archies pretending to be Genesis, and failing. That lead singer is kind of cute, though, for a boy.... when you can see his face, that is.

    You know, there was a survey of Americans and 80% of them believe in the word of Genesis.

    But I don't even think Phil Collins is a very good drummer.

    Ba da bump.

    Sorry, I had that joke a while ago and have been waiting to use it.

    I don't get the Jonas brothers either, but then again, I'm not a 10 year old girl either.

    Adam has a following and I'm betting they are voting for him. I'm sure his radio show is what is keeping him on this show. BTW, my husband loves Adam. It must be a man thing like the 3 Stooges.

    I was not sorry to see Monica go. She always looked painful to me and I think she wanted to go home despite what she said. I've never seen anyone look more uncomfortable. I am sorry to see Penn go. I love Penn and Teller and Penn is just funny and would have been great to see him stay.
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