What can I say, MotherSister? From beginning to end, your recap was an absolute delight. Bravo to you, our Recapping Queen, which is actually 1,000 levels higher than the Dancing Queen in case you didn’t know. Mad props, and thank you.
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Okay, but I don’t think “Frisky Dancing” has near as much of a ring to it.

When he does, he strikes me as a cartoon come to life, and that’s just freaking creepy.

He sings a song I don’t know, and Google doesn’t know it either, so it’s safe to say that this song doesn’t really exist.

Some lady with huge cheekbones thinks Jane will certainly be in the bottom two, but another woman with markedly smaller cheekbones warns that you never can tell who’s going home because every week things have been different. Man, where’s an ominous violin chord of foreshadowing when you really need one? Oh, there it is! Thanks, show.

I know nothing would get my head out of the toilet faster.

Singers and dancers, mind you. On Dance Wars.

Brave of him to have his face near so much heat.

I can only hope that the viewers get their turn next week, because I’m dying to know who keeps giving Bruno Word-A-Day calendars, and who keeps forcing Edyta to wear sequined dental floss.

Okay, but what if you never even get to the finish line because you’re eliminated? How do you prevent that, is the question. But to be fair, Len might not have heard it properly through all the hair in his ears.

...and Carrie tells her something about fully bringing full passion and full energy fully to the full floor.

Guess she doesn’t like anyone else but her tripping over their own words.

Tom cuts off his rambling because we can’t very well have the show going off the air while Bruno’s yelling “Madness!” over and over, can we? Wait, can we?