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Thread: 9/24 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Re: 9/24 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Blues Songstres;2587700;
    The definition of "average" isn't "ideal". The average woman on the street doesn't look anything like Kym or Julianne, though the average woman on TV may... Most women are NOT at the ideal weight for their height, making the average woman larger than Kym and Julianne and more like Sabrina. TV, movies and the print media have given a VERY distorted view of what women are like. Most of us are not Kym and Julianne, believe me.
    Maybe I should define things better and say I've seen many young women who have similar body types to what Kym and Julianne have. And even a number of older women have that type of body as well.

    I realize most women aren't like that and they're mostly older women, but to say the bodies Kym and Julianne possess are rare in the general public is not true. I don't know what the ratio is, but its definitely far from rare to see women with a great bodies everytime I'm out. I know because I pay close attention in the interest of science and knowledge etc.

    Quote Originally Posted by Harmony2000;2587730;
    Key word is AVERAGE and not IDEAL. The average woman is a size 12 to 14, those are the facts like it or not. The ideal size for a woman varies according to bone structure, genetics, and height so its very hard to say what is ideal and what isn't. That being said, I think Sabrina is a healthy weight and for her bone structure is probably close to ideal for her. She is athletic and in shape as evidenced by her routines both on the Cheetah Girls and DWTS.

    I, as a woman, have to agree that Kym and Julianne are on the slender side and far from average. Sorry but the majority of women I see walking around, IE real every day women, are more on the size of Sabrina and look perfectly healthy to me. The camera adds weight.

    Anyways, burned me up when Tia's weight became such an issue because I never thought she was over weight. I don't think Sabrina is either and I wish we were the type of society where we could focus on her dancing instead of her supposed obesity or weight issues.
    I can agree that Kym and Julianne aren't completely 'normal', but again I see women with great bodies similar to Kym and Julianne everyday, so its not that rare either. Sabrina to me isn't obese as yet and she looks healthy, but it doesn't mean she wouldn't benefit from losing a few pounds and I stress a few for her, not some crazy diet where she drops a ton of weight.

    Also while its bad to be too thin, I don't think its good to promote Sabrina as being 'normal' as she is carrying abit extra. If everyone is saying America is already getting too fat, saying that Sabrina is the new 'normal' isn't exactly a good thing I think.

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    Re: 9/24 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by TVDude;2587605;
    In my opinion, I think that while Kym and Julianne aren't completely 'average' they're fairly close to it and they're likely at their ideal weight for their height. I see alot of women who look similar to them in public (slender, curvy, and not overly thin).

    I think if you asked a doctor about Sabrina, there's a good chance they would respond that while she isn't obese, she could stand to lose a few pounds to be healthier as she is carrying a few more pounds than necessary for her height. I'm not saying she needs to drop 100 lbs or something, but maybe between 10-20 lbs or so.

    Thanks for explaining things. Women's clothing soooooo confusing! I'm so glad the only numbers I need to know are 30-32 for waist size.
    Don't you also need to know if you are average, long or short in the rise for a better fit???
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