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Thread: 5/15 Show Discussion Thread **Spoiler**

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    Re: 5/15 Show Discussion Thread **Spoiler**

    Misty - I'm with you. I love watching Julienne's choreography, and the two of them are so in synch it's as if they were one, whereas Joey to me has too much cheesy, flashy stuff just for the cheap entertainment. I loved Leila at the beginning, and still think she's gorgeous, but Apolo should get the glass cup in the end.

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    Re: 5/15 Show Discussion Thread **Spoiler**

    Quote Originally Posted by Pat_stank;2395305;
    That said, Laila provides an alternative to the razzle dazzle lets see how fast I can move dances. Many others have said, including Len, that doing the dance moves slow is actually more difficult. Like a sit up, you can pull yourself up (fast is easy) but when you try to do a sit up slowly and actually use those muscles, it is more difficult. Doing the dance moves correctly and slowly can be more difficutl. I realize it is not always the case.
    Ii think it's not the case more often than it is. It's definitely possible to choreograph a fast-paced routine designed to hide a dancer's flaws, but doing the quick steps well is more difficult than doing them slowly. When I was an ice dancer and ice dancing judge, I learned that from personal experience. The only thing harder about doing most moves slowly is if there's unusual muscular strength or balance required in a given move. But over the length of an entire dance, that's not the case.

    It's a lot harder to do a truly good quickstep than foxtrot, for example.
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