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Thread: 5/07 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Re: 5/07 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by katgib13;2376934;
    I don't remember him criticizing John for using props. He always boasted about how entertaining John was.
    I believe he did at least once. I can't quite get my brain around the circumstances.
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    Re: 5/07 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    John complained about the judges comments too. He said he expected constructive criticism and got playground taunting.

    BRC said that he's been biting his tongue all along, but the word "crap" was apparently the last straw for him. Even Karina said she always told him to take the judges comments and learn from them, but didn't know what he could learn from "that was crap". I believe that BRC is a gentlemen, but he obviously hates dancing and is trapped because he doesn't want to be a quitter.

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    Re: 5/07 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Last night's show was basically ho-hum for me.

    I agree with the judges about Ian/Cheryl's foxtrot. Again, from his neck up, all I got from him was insincere forced emotion. No real heart, just acting. I do feel the score was a bit too low, though not by much. I would have given 8/8/8.

    Joey/Kym danced a lovely waltz for the most part, though Joey's head direction was off for a good part of it. The music was perfect for a waltz, and well played And it was nice to see Joey not be a smartass for one dance. I thought the scores were fair.

    BRC/Karina's dance was, well, what you'd expect. It was a good song for a waltz, and he was super stiff at the beginning, but seemed to do halfway decent towards the end of it, even though he was still Billy Ray. Bruno's comments were fine, other than the accidental slip of the word 'crap' when talking about the dance. I believe it was an accident that it slipped out loud, and he apologized for it as soon as he said it. I believe BRC over-reacted and took it to mean that Bruno was calling him (BRC) crap, and his response to Bruno was uncalled for and unprofessional, and stripped away many layers of BRC's charm for me. And I do think the scores were fair.

    Apolo/Julianne's tango to Jessie's Girl was uncomfortable to watch. I don't feel the choreography hit the right points and counterpoints within the music, and it just didn't flow. And I completely agreed with Len's assessment. 100% agreement. I think their scores were just a tad too high.

    Ian/Cheryl's dance to Imagine was decent, nothing spectacular. Carrie Ann said what I was thinking.. what I've thought about Ian all along, that there's no genuine emotion there, just Ian acting out the parts. Sorry, but the more and more I see him, the more and more he earns the rodent moniker.

    Kym/Joey's mambo was adequate, nothing special though. And the music was weird, like it was having an identity crisis, so probably had something to do with the uninspired choreography.

    Laila/Maks's "Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown' jive number was so mediocre, so unworthy of both of them at this stage in the competition. *yawn* Their scores were a bit higher than I would have given them.

    Apolo/Julianne's Paso Doble to the Twilight Zone version of My Darling Clementine was probably as good as they could do with that song. The bit at the beginning with her skirt was a bit weird and out of place, but once past that, they did the best they could with the music they had. It was a proper Paso, but it didn't excite me, but I recognized the choreography fit the music better than most tonight. If only Apolo would learn to close his mouth when he dances, I think I might enjoy them a bit more. As it is, I keep wanting to tie a bib around his neck before he goes out there.

    I really didn't like BRC's attitude tonight. Not just about Bruno, but in going off away from camera several times and doing his own thing, and he overdid the 'Look at me!' thing to Ali too often.
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    Re: 5/07 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by skyhigh79;2376929;
    I've noticed on at least 2 different occasions that the jive was considered "latin"... that's news to me. But then ballroom competitons are different from the dance competitions I have been involved with.

    Wasn't his dance supposed to be the Mambo? Maybe I am remembering wrong but he already did the jive ( wore the same shoes too). That being said, if it was the mambo, it still looked more like swing or the jitterbug to me.

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