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Thread: Season Premier Tonight, Don't Forget!

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    Season Premier Tonight, Don't Forget!

    Just a reminder, since we've been waiting so long for it... TONIGHT's the night, so don't forget to watch the season premier or set your recording devices to record it if you can't be there.

    Season 4 begins tonight, see you all in the episode thread tonight!
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    Thanks Nem....I have already programmed it to record and will be watching too! It should be a great show....

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    It's also a two-hour premiere.

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    Its today, its today, its today!!!!!

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    I am anxiously awaiting tonight's show. This is my favorite reality show and I enjoy it no matter who is participating because I love the dancing and greatly enjoy watching the pros dance. It is a real treat and comes at a good time when The Apprentice has gotten ridiculous, Survivor Fiji is boring, and the Amazing Race is so ho-hum.

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    The one thing I wish they'd do to improve the show is make better song selections. The pop detritus they seem to favor always puts my teeth on edge - it rarely actually suits the dance they're doing.

    But aside from that, I love the show!
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    I'll be here waiting (not so) patiently for the west coast feed. Can'ardly wait!

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