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Thread: Joey Fatone & Kym Johnson - Season 4

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    Ugh. I hope we don't have another P on our hands. Kym doesn't deserve it any more than poor Ashly did!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemeses;2262406;
    ohhhh, bbnbama is gonna kill me for sure, I better hide
    hi, bama
    :nono Nemeses Don't be ugly about my Joey!!!!

    I'm going to give you a free pass this time........just don't let it happen again!
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    This is my very first post! Based some some Preliminary photos put up on ABC media Net (I can't post the URL here yet) I would venture to say that Kym and Joey are the couple to beat. They look fabulous in the photos.

    I am a *huge* Maksim fan, but I have my doubts about his pairing with Leila Ali - she is as tall as he is (and Maks is very tall, 6'2) and definately heavier than him. They just don't seem graceful together.

    We'll see if my predictions hold up!
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    I know very little about Joey Fatone, but from what little I've seen and heard (and now read), he seems like he'll bring a good juju to the show. Seems upbeat and happy.

    One thing I LOVED about Kim was that she was always smiling and bright and that she really enjoyed herself - and Jerry. In other words, she was having fun.

    I think she and Joey are a good match from a "spiritual" perspective.

    I wonder how the show does the pairings, anyway? I'm sure size and age have something to do with it, but I wonder if they do compatibility testing too? Seems like a small step to bet ensure good partnerships which is essential to advancing in the show.

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    I think Kym is actually the eye candy of the show.

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    This couple delivered tonight, they had the best routine and Joey handled that mike slipping off very well. At one point it looked as it the cord had wrapped around Kim's leg and I thought she would fall.
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    Great couple! She has to be one of the best on this show. I think Kym may just give Cheryl a run for her money this year.

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    Great performance. He is definitely going to bring a little something to this competition. He handled the mic slip great too.
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    Loved Joey and Kym last night! Definitely the best couple so far.
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    Definitely the best of the night - but he has had some dance training - probably more than any of the others. So, I would have expected them to do well. However, his manic personality kind of turns me off. Guess I am just not that fond of the class clown persona. He was good, but his chunkiness, took something away from the look of the performance. Kym is adorable and deserves to get someone talented. She has a great personality and would work well with anyone.

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