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I heard Mike Golic on Mike and Mike In The Morning say that Apolo should have won and he was glad because Joey was a professional dancer and shouldn't have been on the show. Why do people keep insisting that being in a boy band and doing some moves on stage makes them professional dancers. Professional singer, I could understand. Professional dancer? No way. But, ultimately, I think it hurt Joey that some people believed he was a professional dancer prior to this experience and thus shouldn't win.
I think his boy band experience probably did help him when it came to the Latin/Jive dances. His experience with learning footwork and moving to music went beyond what many of the others had, but it probably wasn't as extensive as some would like to believe.

To paraphrase what Bearcata said, being in a boy band is sort of like being on the dance squad (or maybe in the case of NSYNC like being a professional cheerleader). They are good dancer/movers, but the repertoire is limited.

As for the ballroom dances, I don't think his experience gave him any great advantage over any dancers who didn't have two left feet.