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Thread: DWtS Season 4 Watch: Stars Who Are Signing or Interested

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    Quote Originally Posted by tinkcrzy1972;2277728;
    I wish they would see that its not the leg that's the problem, its the person attached to that leg!
    I understand exactly what you mean, and totally agree.

    I also have to add that there's something just so funny about that line above Dunno what it is, syntax, phrasing, or imagery, but it's hilarious! Maybe because I can see it being used out of context, standing alone, and love the comments it would bring up. It's very quote-worthy, lol
    I live in my own world. But it's ok, they know me there.
    Kid Nation... a sad day for society when the exploitation of children becomes acceptable entertainment for television viewers.
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    What can I say, Nem, I aim to amuse....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemeses;2277376;
    How about how brave us viewers will have to be to sit through her being on our show?

    You know, I never really care much who wins each season, as I've said many times, I watch not for the competition but for the entertainment and dancing. But this season, I have to finally hope for a specific elimination, which is that Ms. Mills will be voted off first, so I don't have to listen to any more about her and she'll become as forgotten as Tucker Carlson and all the others who were eliminated first.

    I, for one, will never forget Tucker Carlson. He was (and is) adorable and I blame his "professional" partner for choreographing that dance number that left him sitting in a chair for the first 1/3 of the dance.

    Don't get me started on how unfair it was for poor Tucker. But I do enjoy his show on MSNBC and just love Willie Geist!

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