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Thread: 11/15 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I'm still so excited about Emmitt and Cheryl's win! Yes, the show is about dancing, but Mario and Karina thought they had it in the bag and really stayed about the same throughout the show, IMO. Emmitt and Cheryl worked hard and made it fun and exciting for the audience and face it, without an audience to please, what is the point? I believe that Karina showed her true colors tonight, although some of that snobby attitude has shown up from time to time throughout this show. I also think that if anyone else had done what M/K did this season by blatantly breaking the rules more than once, they would have been gone. That should have happened, but it didn't because they were able to squirm their way and stay in the game. I would have liked to see an Emmitt/Joey finale instead. I think it would have been a lot more entertaining. Even though Sara left on her own, I also think it's very possible she could have been in the final 2 or 3 because of her huge fan base. Like her or not, she is extremely popular. Emmitt and Cheryl proved that hard work and sincerity can and does pay off and those who act as if the world revolves around them will surely be torn down at one point or another. I'm not saying that M/K didn't work hard, and yes, the guy can dance. Congrats to Emmitt and Cheryl for a job well done! Nice guys do finish first sometimes!! It's also great to know that E/C will be friends for a long time....you can see how close they have become and that is more important than winning.

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    I have to stand up for Karinna. She lets disappointment show on her face, but she's used to the standards of the professional dance world and she's not an actress. She is however one of the best ballroom dancers in the world, and Mario was the only one she said anything mean to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muduh;2143554;
    I don't uderstand why so many people dislike Mario because he had previous experience. I'm sure that the producers of the show knew all their backgrounds and hired them anyway. I like Emmitt, but to me, he isn't the best dancer and the show was supposed to be about that. I don't have a problem with Marios reputation. We've had contstants on other reaity shows with questionable pasts.
    Its more about disliking Mario because he's a smug womanizing idiot.

    I usually am firmly on the side of "the best performer should win". On Idol, for example, I HATED that people wanted to give the whole thing to Kellie Pickler just because she was more "likable", but less talented.

    But DWTS is a different case, I think. The show was clearly set up with the premise that the performers would be amateurs. Mario MADE HIS LIVING AS A DANCER at one point. Sure, he was a kid, but that's when people learn to dance. Sure, it wasn't ballroom--but then again what he did wasn't all that far from variants like Jive, or Samba, or many of the other Latin dances. The fact that he's kind of a phony, insincere type, and a womanizer, is just gravy on top of that base problem with him as a contestant.

    Plus, I agree with those who say he's kind of soulless in his dancing, and that certainly affects my opinion, just from a position of performance analysis. Karina is a great, great dancer who I can look and appreciate as a true great apart from her reputation (which apparently is as a mega-diva and something of a bitch). But Mario isn't a fraction as good as her, so he doesn't get the same benefit of the doubt from me, or the appreciation of pure excellence. Karina is, in fact, a better dancer than Cheryl, although I think Cheryl may be a better partner for an amateur, and possibly a better choreographer. Thus the TEAM of Emmitt and Cheryl COULD arguably be better, since they mesh better. Unless you are looking purely as the sexual aspect of things, where I agree that Mario and Karina obvious emanate some real heat. But that's not the same thing as soul. And even that is inconsistent, because sometimes it seems like while Mario is "hot" when he's pressed up against Karina, he's busy staring in a mirror admiring himself the rest of the time. There's a sense of self-absorption to how he dances that's really hard to explain. But its obviously there is SOME sense, since so many people commenting seem to be seeing it independent of each other.

    If he'd won I wouldn't have cried foul, at least not any more than I did when he was CAST on this thing in the first place. But I can't get too upset at him losing, except for kind of rolling my eyes a bit that the producers and ABC actually think we are gullible enough to believe the bizarre judge voting patterns.

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    I'm really conflicted about the decision. But I would be conflicted if Mario had won too. As Len said, the winner will be based on personal preference. That's all I can come up with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krom;2143296;
    They fed her Slimfast and made her dance for our amusement. That's all we really have to know, or care, about her.
    lol, I love Krom's posts! Never leaves any doubt what he thinks, and boils it down to the bottom line very nicely.
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    I just dawned on me why I like sports better than DWTS..........It isn't always the team I like the best that wins, but the one that PLAYS the best!

    Season One.....popularity vote won.
    Season Two.....Best dancer won.
    Season Three.....back to a popularity contest.

    Thats 2 strikes for me.....3rd one and I'm outta here.

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    The Mario/Karina lacks soul thing is VERY true.

    I have 3 sets of friends that have been taking Ballroom dancing for a couple years. Technically they are good. They have the holds, the footwork, etc., watching them dance is torture because they don't FEEL the music and really let go. You can almost see them counting out the steps. I admire them for taking the classes and they do obviously enjoy it. But to me they don't "feel" the music and really dance to it so it makes it hard to watch them. Almost akward in fact.

    Mario was that way. He didn't feel it. He had the technical aspects down, but he didn't let go like Emmitt did. You could tell Emmitt "felt" the music. Heck, he even sang along to it as he danced. And he enjoyed himself, always smiling, while Mario was more concerned with how he looked.

    I think the best couple won.
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    Congratulations Emmitt and Cheryl!

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    I didn't start watching this show until late in the season, but I am thrilled that Emmitt and Cheryl won. Personally, I thought that Mario and his partner would have gotten it, but it is what it is.

    Will I watch next season? Depends on who is dancing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Krom;2143768;
    Its more about disliking Mario because he's a smug womanizing idiot.
    Ding, ding, ding! Krom wins the prize!!!!

    Congrats to Emmitt and Cheryl, they put their heart and soul into their dancing and I smiled everytime they took to the dance floor.

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