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Thread: 11/14 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I'm not sure the dancing even matters...from what I can tell from reading the comments people are making, it seems that many viewers had their decision made before the program even started.

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    I think you are right... most of us have already made up our minds. With that in mind... I wonder what the vote tallies have been like the last couple of weeks? Has it even been close? I've never seen anything on the actual numbers.

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    Of course the dancing matters, it just we've already seen some many dances from them, that some of us can make up our minds...of course the dancing tonight matters also....but I base my vote on the whole show throughout and not just what happens the night of voting! Just how I do it...in my opinion!!!

    Now, if one of them would have totally screwed up tonight...then that may have made me rethink my decisions....but we all know they weren't going to screw up that bad!

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    Stinkweed! I set the VCR for time record and it didn't work....again!! I missed it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charmqn;2142072;
    mario and karina may have done more, but everytime emmitt and cheryl dances- I am drawn to it and have fun, I smile when emmitt and cheryl are on the dance floor
    Same here, I've got a big cheesy grin on my face everytime they dance...My votes are for Cheryl and Emmitt

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    The dancing matters but I have to judge each by the level I think they start and end with. Mario was way too good IMHO to be against the likes of Tucker, Sara, etc. Emmitt has gotten better and better and Cheryl just has a way in her choreography to make me smile and have a good time. Mario's partner is so technical like Louis and to me that is great for judges, but not so entertaining for me to watch.

    My votes go to Emmitt as I have enjoyed him all season, and he makes me smile each and every dance.

    I remember a really old Saved by the Bell eppy with Mario where they had a dancing contest and he was extremely good even back than so I think he came into this too far ahead of the competition.

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    Took me over an hour to get all my votes in for Emmitt. His line is busy, busy, busy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JLuvs;2142259;
    Took me over an hour to get all my votes in for Emmitt. His line is busy, busy, busy.
    I wasn't able to get through to vote by phone, and now I can't seem to make it work online either.

    Anyone else have problems?
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    In my own little world where all things are Idol......
    I was able to get votes in via internet and land line just fine but I had a really hard time trying to get thru by cell phone...I finally did but it took constantly hitting re-dial.

    Emmitt got all 40 of my votes tonight but I actually enjoyed the show and thought that both couples did well.

    They seemed to show alot more of Karina and Mario as if they were really a couple...(conspiracy theory time )....ya think they did that to try and get more votes???? Showing them kissing and holding hands and to be honest, I thought Karina really and truly looked sad when Mario said she made him a better man and when they talked about it being the last time they'll dance competitively together........

    I'm interested to see tomorrow night's finale episode with all the dancers back........
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    Quote Originally Posted by dberk;2141898;
    Cheryl looked great, but Emmitt's shirt and shoes were very distracting. I wasn't thrilled with the performance and there is no way it deserved 10's.


    Good, but not great.....timing off fist 1/3 of dance.

    Carrie Ann even commented on it and still gave them a 10?????? She is so hot for Emmitt, if I were his wife, I'd smack her....lol

    Deserved or not, the judges are gonna make it a tie again like last week.

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