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Thread: 11/7 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by bbnbama;2132551;
    I am actually one of those that like to watch the re-caps and especially of these dances!

    I like them too, but only in certain circumstances. At the beginning of the semi-finals which I can't wait to see is NOT one of them.

    However, I read a theory that they did this in case some states had to cut to election coverage. Given the circumstances, I'm grateful they did it. I would hate to have missed any of the competition.

    And, they serve a purpose. I tune into this show because of the fact it focuses on ballroom dancing. If it were a bunch of people just doing hip-hop or constant Michael Jackson, I would have absolutely no interest in it at all.

    I worry that the competitors are becoming too pop (a la Mario tonight) for my taste. I think the group dances are a good solution. Let them be the be-bop crowd and let the stars stick to ballroom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dberk;2132712;
    The 3-way tie just accents the fact that the judge's scores don't matter. They will put everything on the call in votes. What a cop out.
    I thought the same thing. I don't understand why, for instance, when Len or Carrie Ann complained that Mario's routine was more freestyle than cha cha, he then received perfect 10's. Then again, I never understood how Jerry could have gotten 8's.

    I want Joey and Emmitt in the finale, and that's who I voted for.

    I had to run to the grocery store when the show started; I got home at 7:30 and was surprised when my daughter told me that nobody had actually danced yet. I was glad that I hadn't missed anything important, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lildago;2132719;
    I was thinking the same thing. I like Joey but no way did his second dance deserve a perfect score.
    This show was so rigged! Joey definitely didn't deserve a perfect score on his second dance, the judges wanted it to end in a three way tie. Another thing that upset me tonight was that Joey's first dance he broke the hold and the old judge (can't remember his name) always takes away points from Emmit and Mario when they do that, but when Joey did it he still gave him a ten. I really hope Mario and Emmit are the final two, with Emmit the winner. To me Joey never gets judged as harshly as every other contestant has on the show. They always overlook his mistakes but jump on everyone elses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClosetRTWatcher;2132685;
    I just had to pop on and say that I thought Joey's last dance was very blah. I cannot believe the judges are raving about it. The Rhumba should be sexy and that was....NOT.

    Joey seems nice enough, but Emmitt and Mario had great dances tonite, I hope they are the 2 that will move on!
    I agree that Joey's second dance was Blah....our whole house could not believe the judges gave him a perfect score for that.

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    The whole thing is rigged....it will up to the voters.....Joey doesn't even come close to what Emmitt and Mario can do, but I would love to see Emmitt and Joey in the final because I can't stand Mario and his equally snobby partner. They are made for each other. That happens sometimes.....

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    I must be watching a different show.......

    I am apparently "odd man out" on this board, for I can't see how anyone can put Emmit in the same category as Mario.....

    Now don't get me wrong, I love Emmit, I love football, and I loved him playing college ball here in Florida, but he is not a ballroom dancer.....he is a club dancer. His moments are all fluid, which is good in some dance styles but not in others, and he has no idea what to do with his hands. They are either held in a karate chop fashion or are dangling around as he changes from one position to another. I think he is an excellent dancer, but not an excellent ballroom dancer, so no matter how much I like him (and Cheryl) personally, I can't in good faith vote for him to win this competition.

    I am so impressed with Joey! He brings a smile to my face everytime I see him.....its nice to see a child star grow up to be a wonderful man!! As for his dancing, I think he is incredibly talented, but he seems to have to work harder at perfecting his dances than some of the others. I think his biggest downfall is that there is just no sexual chemistry with him and Edaty, which makes it hard to do those Latin dances effectively.....he is adorable....but he is not sexy.....that, and the fact that the lip licking is driving me crazy...lol!

    Now for Mario and Karina.......Personally, I think Karina is an itch, BUT she can dance like there is no tomorrow! Unlike the others on this board, I have never seen Mario act arrogantly.....most of the time he keeps the same expression on his face the whole time the judges are speaking and when the scores are giving.....He is always smiling and polite....IF that is arrogance, then I sure wish more people were arrogant in this world. As for being an "experienced" dancer, as one poster suggested......How ludicrous to think that taking a few dance lessons as a child makes one an experienced dancer. My son took lessons when he was younger, and he can't dance his way out of a paper sack!....Perhaps Mario is not "morally" up to some people's standards (mine either for that matter), BUT this is a dance competition, not a sunday school class. His posture is fantastic, his movents sharpe when called for and fluid when called for, he always does the most difficult footwork, his timing is nearly perfect, and his "hips don't lie"....he and Karina are hot hot hot!

    Overall, I love all three couples (monique too), but, in my opinion, Mario and Karina are in a league of their own, and IF the competition is based on talent and not popularity, then they will walk away with that hideous mirrored ball.

    Whew!! Sorry for the looooooooooooong post.

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    Very good show last night! Did anyone else have trouble calling in their votes? It was very frustrating. I thought we were suppose to be allowed 5 votes. I only got 4 in and than got the message saying I had reached my allotment. Than again, I guess that one of the calls I thought hadn't gone thru must have???? They really need to work on their phone system if they want the viewers to vote. Anyways, I split my 8 or 10 votes (2 phone lines) between Emmitt and Joey. I really want to see them in the final two. They are the most entertaining and Emmitt has improved the most. And I would love to see Mario's face if he gets the boot!

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    I really hope it's Emmitt and Joey in the finals. I like Mario the least and though he dances well, to me there's just no joy in it like it appears there is with Joey and Emmitt. Those 2 look they are having a great time and really enjoying the whole thing probably much more than they probably ever expected to.

    Mario has the better technical aspects but he just leaves me feeling like this is some cold competion to win a trophy for him. The other 2 guys want to win too but they are having such a great time and have so much infectious enthusiasm and appreciation for ballroom dancing- I'm guessing that's something they never gave serious thought about before this season. Win or lose, They will both take away so much more from this experience and it shows
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    I like all of the guys but if Mario is not in the finals then I think that once again we've proven that it's just another popularity contest, like just about every other competition show we have to watch. Mario is by far the best of the three with Joey and Emmitt being about equal, which is very good, in my book. Joey's last dance wasn't entertaining to me because he really didn't do much. It's hard to compare a peformance like that with one like Emmitt put on. These two seem to take turns outshining each other but Mario consistently outshines both.

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    Go Emitt and Cheryl!
    What's the Great Conjunction? You tell me!

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