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Thread: 10/31 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by dberk;2126116;
    Hey! Why didn't someone get to dance to the Monster Mash?
    I wondered the same thing. Maybe its rhythm wasn't right.

    I think Joey kept his fangs in to stop him from licking his lips. It is a disturbing habit.
    Haha...what's funny is, he still found a way!

    Did you notice - Emmitt's starting to do the same thing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandy;2126621;
    I wondered the same thing. Maybe its rhythm wasn't right.
    But... It was a graveyard smash and caught on in a flash.

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    I used to looove that song too dberk My brother & I would whoop whenever it came on the radio.

    I loved how they incorporated (incorpse-porated?) Halloween into Tuesday's show. It would've been a letdown if they had totally ignored it. Even Samantha loosened up a bit and got into the act with her Mua-ha-ha. It all took some of the tension out of the air, this show's getting so serious now!

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