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Thread: 10/25 **Show Discussion** Spoilers **

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    I have no opinion of Mario's personality or anything else, but I will say that I love to watch that guy dance. He looks like he's having a ball out there and looks great. There is no doubt in my mind that he is the best dancer there, by a mile. I like Emmitt and wouldn't mind if he won but if people were actually going just on talent, then Mario would have to win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandy;2116948;
    It's hard for me to follow this thread entirely, as I don't get the show until all the other time zones have had it.
    Brandy, My TV and computer are in two different rooms so I only post during the commercials. I can totally understand your confusion.

    I enjoy watching Mario dance. He is a great looking man with a reasonably good career in a very competitive business. People without self-confidence are left by the wayside in Hollywood. I haven't found any of his comments or actions to be offensive in any way. I don't doubt for a minute that he loves his family and considers this competition to be difficult and challenging and by no means an easy victory for him.

    When Alex and Edyta were dancing together he had on his dancer's face most of the time, but every so often their eyes would meet and he had such a warm, genuine smile on his face that I had to smile too. I usually get a very greasy vibe from Alex (and I'm not just talking about his hair), but seeing the two of them together was nice.

    Emmitt is very lucky to have Cheryl for a partner. She's a great choreographer, and I doubt that the other women pros would have been able to pull the talent for dancing from him that she has.

    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenix Gal
    Finally Jerry went home. It was becoming a joke to keep him any longer.
    So true. Jerry stopped being entertaining for me last week. I'm not sorry to see him go at all.

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    Jerry was the correct person to go but I have to say that he made the show very entertaining. If it wasn't for him, it wouldn't have been as entertaining. It was sad seeing him go, what a nice, charming, funny man.

    I think Monique will exit next. Joey next. I really want, hope Cheryl and Emmitt Smith win. Really don't care for Mario too.

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    Thanks dberk. Yep it's kind of like listening to a concert through the stage door, or something, for me. But sometimes I like reading the live threads anyway.

    I agree about Cheryl. I think she is a very good partner for him and they are doing very well together.

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    One of the things I like about Cheryl Burke is that she puts everything into her dancing, even her hair style. She has it cut so it's perfect for moving with the dance, and Cheryl works that hair! She looks like she even choreographs some moves specifically to include swinging her hair just so. It's become one of her trademarks on the dance floor, and I say more power to her!
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    I agree about her new hairstyle as well. I keep meaning to mention it!

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