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Thread: 10/4 Show Discussion ** Spoilers**

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    I agree Broadway. I don't think that we need words put in our mouths that we weren't even thinking.

    I have very little opinion about her one way or the other but that's probably because I never even saw her in anything before this. I had heard of her, but don't remember seeing her so I would have no opinion about her arrogance, self confidence or anything else. She may not have been the very worst dancer there, but she wasn't far from it in my uneducated opinion. I will give her high marks for all the effort she put in though. Many women half her age could not have kept up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenix Gal View Post
    Sara and Jerry should have been in the bottom two. This is not a popularity contest, it's a dancing contest, sheesh. I think the viewers votes should only count for 1/3 and not 1/2. Jerry is still there as a sympathy vote.
    Ah ... there's where you are wrong. This is a popularity contest, with the dancing bit thrown in.

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    Anyone got any ideals of who going home Week 5 oct 12 yet ?
    I could not find a thread on it so please forgive me if this wrong place to ask this but new to this board and was just wanted to know thoughts on who they think will go ?
    I am thinking Jerry or Sara but they both have huge fan base so hope it not Montique are there be lot of fuss on race card again . so tired of that stuff as it the fan basr=e that is controling the contest not their race .

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