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Thread: 10/3 Show Discussion *SPOILERS*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quemoni View Post
    I also wonder why Mario didn't get a crappy song like the Bon Jovi one.

    I mean that was the worst song of the night or wait..The Phantom of the Opera was bad too.
    The Phantom of the Opera song was cringe-worthy. It's not that I don't like the the song...but to dance to it? Don't think so.
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    Quote Originally Posted by talldede View Post
    OK, I continue to love Monique and Willa. I think they are working very hard and for having little or no dance training, impress me the most.
    I don't know about Willa, but Monique has starred in High School Musical - telling me, at least, that she's had some fairly extensive dance training.
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    The most outstanding thing about last night's performance was the awful music used for Sara's and Viveca's dances. Phantom of the Opera and Bon Jovi. Sara just cannot pull off dramatic at all. She was stiff and I felt as if I was watching this dance in Super Slo-Mo. Hands down the worst performance of the night. Hopefully, she will be gone by tonight.

    Viveca at least has the personality and stage presence to try to work the music she was given, but still why cripple a performers routine like that. Who picks this music? They should be having their behinds paddled by Len right now.

    Monique I wasn't feeling that much, and at the very end there was that horrendous camera shot of her partners back blocking the view to her face, ruined the performance for me.

    I liked Willa's waltz she did a good job, doesn't look as if she and Maxim are fighting as much.

    Luved Jerry and Kym I was crying. The music was good, they moved well together, I thought they did a better job then the judges gave them credit.

    Emmett who........; by the end of the show totally forgot about him.

    Very impressed with Joey. Controlled slow movements are very hard to do and he looked as if he was leading. Good job.

    Mario, loved it. Wonder why he was so sad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by azn_chicklet View Post
    It was the outfit that the main character 'El Mariachi' wore in the Robert Rodriguez films El Mariachi, Desperado, and Once Upon a Time in Mexico.
    Oh, Once Upon a Time in Mexico! Wow, was Johnny Depp hot in that or what?? Gawd, that man is just gorgeous! Oh wait, this is about DTWS...

    How'd Tucker do?

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    From the ABC website:

    All of the music within the competition is performed by a live band, and are arrangements of contemporary tracks and well loved classics. The Musical Director is Harold Wheeler as in Seasons 1 & 2.

    I am officially blaming Harold Wheeler for the awful musical selections on this show.

    Now we just need a snarky nickname for him......

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    I kind of liked all of the dancers. Yes, some were a lot better than others, but they all seemed to do better than the first show. I almost think Sara or Emmit will be leaving. Sara hasn't really relaxed yet, altho' how can you when you have to hold the "pose" throughout the dance. Mario seems to close his mouth so nothing comes out (ie bad words or comments back to the judges). I really enjoyed him even though he seemed to stand rounded over. I loved Joey. I cried watching Jerry-he really tried this time-was it the first time that he really tried?

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    Okay, just have to say, I did see some of Mario's dance and the judges responses. I agree with Len (or Glen or whatever his name is) that Mario's posture seemed all wrong. Would that be a big deal given the entertainment value? Probably not if it weren't for the fact that in season one, that Backstreet Boy (or whoever he was) was constantly criticized for his posture (his shoulders are too high, not high enough, too far back, not back far enough, yada, yada). Even last year, Drew was criticized on a couple of occasions because of his posture when it wasn't even noticable to the untrained eye. Wonder why the other two judges didn't harp on Mario about that last night? Were they just so dazzled by his dimples?

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    Monique was very good last night. She is starting to grow on me. I got emotional with her at the end of her performance. She just brought it all to the dance floor.

    Emmitt was good. He showed a lot of attitude in his performance. Hope he sticks around a lot longer as Cheryl is my favorite pro dancer.

    Willa was good also. I guess it is easy to make that dance look that great when you have a HOT partner

    Aww....Jerry made me cry last night. He simply was amazing. I'm glad he was able to stay to learn this dance for his daughter's wedding. And he was so sweet when he went over and hugged her. Again....cried during this part.

    Sarah....boring. I tried giving her the benefit, but she simply cannot dance. I think she will be going tonight.

    Vivica....I just cannot like this lady. She has such a chip on her shoulder and it seems like she is a bit b*tchy.

    Joey excellent job. It was nice to see him with his family. He truly does love his wife and daughter. It was definitely an amazing job and I don't think the judges scored him high enough.

    Mario was just good for me (ducking behind wall so I don't get rotten tomatos thrown at me) He is a very good dancer, but I don't think he pulled the dance off that well. His posture was slacking through most of the performance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Unklescott View Post
    This is bringing me to tears. I danced to this song with my mom at my wedding and I'm going to try to get my daughter to do it at hers. I'm from TN in case y'all didn't know.
    I bawled like a baby, too, when I listened and watched Jerry. Gave him all of my 8 votes. Both he and I know he won't go much further, but I don't think it matters any longer to Jerry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MissThing View Post
    I don't know about Willa, but Monique has starred in High School Musical - telling me, at least, that she's had some fairly extensive dance training.

    If I am not mistaken I believe that Willa has extensive training herself in hip-hop or similiar dancing. Hasnt she danced in her music videos???

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