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Thread: 10/3 Show Discussion *SPOILERS*

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    Quote Originally Posted by cannonballler View Post
    If I am not mistaken I believe that Willa has extensive training herself in hip-hop or similiar dancing. Hasnt she danced in her music videos???
    No idea, I never heard of Willa before this show. My post was just in response to someone who thought Monique had little or no training. Several of the participants do, this time around.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tray448 View Post
    Well each person is entitled to their own opinion about dancing abilitites.
    however I do find it offensive that someone rates someone lower because
    of so called advantages. If you are referring to his ethnic background and
    his dancing the paso doble shame on you. I think he did a fantastic job and
    considering the fact I dont look at ethnic backgrounds when I judge someone
    bravo for him.
    I didn't understand the adjustments either, but didn't get the impression that it was related to ethnic backgrounds as much as possible, previous dance experience. Mario says he has had no formal ballroom dance experience and I believe him. That doesn't mean he hasn't learned a lot of latin dance moves in clubs. He also is in great shape and has the natural grace of an athlete.

    Carrie Ann said Willa was the best "natural dancer" in the group. This may explain how she escaped the bottom 2 last week. That and all the Max fans stepping up to keep him in this.

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    1. Willa and Max (Waltz). He sure got lucky this time. Willa is beautiful and dances wonderfully. They have terrific chemistry (I think he may have a little crush). My favorite Waltz of the night.

    2. Monique and Louis (Waltz). Their chemistry is developing, but he is a little too much of a Svengali with her. Their waltz was lovely.

    3. Vivica and Nick (Paso Doble). He was great, she tried too hard and ended up just so-so. I think its better for the celeb male and pro female to do this dance.

    4. Sara and Tony (Paso Doble). Poor Tony, he went from partnering the gorgeous wrestler who danced like a dream to sweet Sara with the beautiful voice and leaden feet. So bad, it was uncomfortable to watch.


    1. Emmet and Cheryl (Paso Doble). Emmet, Emmet, Emmet! I know you can do better. You probably need to practice more. He seemed tired and lacked enthusiasm.

    2. Jerry and Kym (Waltz). Jerry is a sweetheart and it was a very nice rendition of the Tennessee Waltz. Jerry tries hard and has a huge fan base, but definitely should not win this. His performances are very very average.

    3. Joey and Edyta (Waltz). Joey is a natural. He is very coordinated and talented. He does everything well and has a delightful, " Aw shucks - I'm just glad to be here" attitude. He's becoming my favorite to win it. Just wish he'd grow that beautiful curly hair out.

    4. Mario and Karina (Paso Doble). I actually wasn't as impressed as the judges were. Comparing his version to the pros and even Drew's last year, it seemed too loose and he didn't hold the stance of a bullfighter with the arched back, locked knees, and tight butt. I thought his scores were too high, altho it was the best Paso Doble of the night.

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