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It's not just you. Others have complained as well about the stars getting paid. This show isn't a job. Benefits are something you can "phone in" without much work involved. You show up, sing a song, and head to the post show party.

This is a job. The only 2 contestants who I'd ever say "phoned it in" are Master P and Tucker Carlson. And sadly, I think Tucker practiced more in that one week than Master P did in half a season.

When Master P was eliminated last year, Ashley said that he practiced as much all season as the other contestants did in a week.

So Master P did not earn his keep at all. But I refuse to hold him as the standard of any other DWTS contestant. Feel free to force him to give all his money to charity. Just don't take anything away from how long and hard the rest of them work.

I also heard that Master P's son was originally slated to appear but he hurt himself and he was to receive $25,000 a week. Master P didn't want his son to lose the money and therefore was substituted. But for that kind of money I do expect you to work your butt off and not phone it in like Master P did.