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Thread: 9/26 Show Discussion Thread ** Spoilers**

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    Harry is horrible!! He does look awkward I don't know what the other two judges are thinking.

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    Yeah, Harry was the weakest. I didn't enjoy Vivica tonight, but have liked her the previous shows. Willa's the most enjoyable female to me, but I'm basically all about the men this season. Sara was really good tonight, though.

    I don't care about the lifts or breaking out of hold. Hopefully, Mario and Joey both get saved tomorrow.
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    Why don't they let us know what percentage of the judges, and what percentage of the votes factor into who gets eliminated? It just doesn't seem right to me that someone like Willa will most likely go home this week, yet Harry, Sara, Jerry (even though I do like him), and Vivica (lucked out, got the tango, would not have done so well with the jive) who are far worse dancers will stick around... They are usually middle of the road with the scores, and I can't imagine they get NO votes... the whole thing seems fishy, I'd like to know exactly how the voting works
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    When I watch this show I am so glad I have no clue what the rules and proper techniques are --- it allows me to drool over Mario and Joey freely
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    Was that Joey's wife they showed after the performance? She had that little tight smile like she's going to have a little chat with them after the show MAKING SURE his partner understands they are dancing partners only
    That's exactly what I thought!

    Why don't they let us know what percentage of the judges, and what percentage of the votes factor into who gets eliminated?
    I think the judges' votes and the audience votes each count 50%.

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    As for the no lift rule, if it is given to make teams even per se, why do they allow some who knows whom they are people against someone that is a household name than. If they want the contest to be fair physically to the older or less fit stars who cannot lift than they need to make the voting more fair than also.

    I thought it was way unfair that Vivica did the Tango and not the Jive, and I also think that with all these rules they might as well have a dancer choreograph one dance a week and have each dancer do the same dance and see whom learns it and executes it the best get the higher score.

    If they all dance within the rules, but are boring like Vivica, this show is going to get boring fast. The dancing structure is not needed with all these amateurs cause we can all pretty quickly see who is the better dancer, and the show needs to be entertaining.

    Lastly, when are they going to give some money away to the stars charity for winning? ABC is really cheap that they cannot cough up some money for the winner to donate to charity along with that trophy. With TH giving away 3 million, and other reality shows giving a million I think that ABC could cough up 500 grand for first place and 100 for second and 50 for third place to go to the stars charity of choice.

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    I don't know a thing about ballroom dancing, but from the way the judges were talking I got the impression that lifts were not part of these dances so they didn't want to see them. They wanted the dance done the "proper" way.

    I could be wrong about the above, but there is no way the "no lift" rule has anything to do with insurance. If it did, they would not let couples choose to break the rule. The producers would make sure the insurance does not get voided.

    I think they break the rules of the "proper" dance because the audience will love it and vote for them,
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    First I must say the music for the first 3 or 4 dances was horrific. What did those pieces of music have to do with the Jive or Tango. The dancers were serverely handicapped because of it. I just hope the choreographers have more say in the music selection cause it just plain stinks.

    Monique - what happened. She looked great tonight. I thought maybe they had done a body switch on her. Either she has lost weight, probably and found her dancing feet. I was not impressed with the mambo at all but her jive looked great. She had energy, which she managed to keep for the entire routine. The dress suited her body and overall she deserves to stay another week she earned it.

    Emmett - so sorry to say I agree with Bruno. He looked tired and was not showing his personality at all.

    Willa - that was a jive?? For a jive she looked cute in the pink hot pants.

    Sara - she improved alot I didn't recognize her. Maybe she is just more comfortable doing country. A cut above Willa.

    Jerry - at least tries to have fun and to be honest I would keep him until after he learned the waltz and then bye bye.

    Thankfully by this point the music was starting to match the type of dances they couples were doing.

    Mario - wow he toned down the theatrics and he moves. He is so powerful and in control that it is a joy to watch. What he broke the rules again. At this point I do think the dancers are playing to the audience and the votes they bring and I can't blame them. Still looked great.

    Harry - I think week 3 is a turning point and the dancers are getting tired. I do think that Harry is loosing up and he is trying he is just not as flashy as Mario and Joey.

    Vivica - impresses me so much that I can't even remember her dance.

    Joey - again lots of energy not as controlled and powerful as last week's, totally did not need the handstand it broke the choreography.

    I think either Willa or Sara will go. Jerry needs to go next week if it is the waltz. This is going to be a Mario vs Joey contest unless one of the others really improves over the next few weeks.
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    When I watch this show I am so glad I have no clue what the rules and proper techniques are --- it allows me to drool over Mario and Joey freely
    Same here! I think joe and mario looked awesome on the dance floor and thought that they'd get a 10 thrown in there somewhere so was really wondering what was up with the judges until i realized they didn't follow the rules..... guess we'll see what happens tonight. i'm sure the fans will keep 'em there...
    i thought monique did great this time around!

    harry and jerry springer... poor guys! IMO they need to go. in that order. LOL

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    I understand that they want to play it up for the viewing audience, but they need to remember the rules. They can't be breaking them left and right and expect to continue on. The judges have a say in this also. I blame the professionals for the breaking of the rules though. They are the teachers and choreographers.

    What is with the dancers and stars dating?? Willa and Max...Mario and his partner??? Is this a result of the show or were they together before?
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