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Thread: 9/26 Show Discussion Thread ** Spoilers**

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    Ms Ambusher dberk's Avatar
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    Joey is a good dancer, but I have a read problem with the bald head. I thought the handstand was dumb, but most of it was good.

    At least they are enforcing the "no lifts" rule with everyone. They seem pretty ticked that these people would defy them.

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    It's Not Unusual! KrazeeKy07's Avatar
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    Personally, I think the "no lift" rule it their way of trying to ensure fairness. Not everyone man on the show can lift their partners like some, which means that some couples can sway us with lifts while the other don't have the ability to do that....no that it matters anyway....cause lifts are nice, but they don't necessarily sway my vote!

    That is what I think, but it could very well be insurance wise also!

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    FORT Fan dcamonkeys's Avatar
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    Why don't they employ ice dancing rules and say no lifts above the shoulders? I don't understand this, especially since Joey didn't technically lift his partner--he helped her jump off of the steps, then she jumped onto him and did a backflip off. Semantics, maybe, but it wasn't a "lift".

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    If the no lift rule is an insurance issue, their insurance company must have had a heart attack when Monique did that flying-backward-off-the-stairs thing in the beginning!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClosetRTWatcher View Post
    If the no lift rule is an insurance issue, their insurance company must have had a heart attack when Monique did that flying-backward-off-the-stairs thing in the beginning!!
    Well you have a point there because I definitely thought she was about to crack her head open! She slipped a bit...a tad bit...that was scary.

    I guess the fairness part could have something to with it. But, some foolks have had dance training before..so that is not fair. Vivica we know never had formal dance lessons.......NOPE!

    That leg lift...cthu...reminded me of an old woman in some movie I saw long ago. LOL!

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    Was that Joey's wife they showed after the performance? She had that little tight smile like she's going to have a little chat with them after the show MAKING SURE his partner understands they are dancing partners only

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daximus View Post
    What did Mario do that ticked off the judges so badly? I missed it...
    Daximus.... they let go of each other during their routine. During the tango the partners must maintain a hold the entire dance. Mario and whatshername let go to do that tumbling move in the middle of the dance. Big no no.

    I also want to know why Vivica and Joey were allowed to change dances. That gives Vivica an unfair advantage over the other women in that she got to do a slow and controlled dance instead of the crazy, hectic jive. For Joey, I think it was tougher.

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    Rock Stars! bbnbama's Avatar
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    In my own little world where all things are Idol......
    The scores for anyone that might need to know:

    Emmitt: 7/6/6=19 (1-800-868-3405)
    Monique: 9/9/9=27 (1-800-868-3404)
    Harry: 7/8/7=22 (1-800-868-3409)
    Willa: 7/7/8=22 (1-800-868-3406)
    Jerry: 7/7/7=21 (1-800-868-3411)
    Sara: 8/9/8=25 (1-800-868-3402)
    Mario: 8/6/8=22 (1-800-868-3407)
    Vivica: 9/9/9=27 (1-800-868-3410)
    Joey: 8/6/8=22 (1-800-868-3401)
    Reality is the beginning...not the end....Wallace Stevens

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quemoni View Post
    Willa and Maksim

    Ok..Willa. something is not right with her posture, her timing, her leg extensions. That was terrible!

    I give her a 5!

    I disagree. Willa's dancing was rather enjoyable. However, those judges (Carrie Ann Inaba in particular) decide to screw her over. That was total BS! Willa should've gotten a higher score! I've finished voting for her 100% and I hope that's enough to keep her in the competition for next week. I would like to see either Harry or Sara go tomorrow. Better yet, I'll be jumping for joy if Vivica goes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lildago View Post
    I hate those armband things Joey always wears.
    I wonder what's up with that too! Is he holding his muscles in? Is it some type of good luck charm? He sure doesn't need to hold his scrunchies on his arms. Oh well, he's a good dancer.

    DWTS hasn't even begun on the West Coast yet... but this thread is letting me picture the show in my mind.

    By what people are writing it sounds as if they really need a new house band. Ee-yikes. And who's choosing the music for the dance numbers - does anyone know? I could not find anything about it.

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