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Thread: 9/20 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by aname View Post
    The only one of those three mentioned above who would probably deserve to stay is Emmet. The other two should go very soon (but probably won't). I'd hate to see someone like Sara win it just based on popularity. That would be a real shame.
    I agree, but then the whole premise is that it's a mixture of popularity and entertainment, as well as dancing skill. It really isn't just a ballroom dancing contest.
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    Since Jerry has recently stated in an interview that he no longer wants people to vote for him, then hopefully his fanbase will grant Jerry his wish and leave him to his long overdue fate of being eliminated, hopefully on the next results show. I have nothing personal against Jerry, but I seriously think it's time for him to step down from this competition. The ones who are voting for Jerry aren't really helping Jerry in the long run. If he's not up to par with his dancing, then it would be pointless to vote for him at all. Even Jerry himself stated that he's way out of his element in this competition, which means that he's very aware of how bad he's dancing. Now that he's asking people to stop voting for him, then they should stop voting for him. Jerry's practically telling us that he wants out soon so why keep someone in the competition when that person no longer wants to stay there? I just don't get that at all.

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    Ideally voters will send their votes in for the best dancers, but in reality most will vote for faves, no matter how much they suck. In the case of "P" last season, I think many non-fans voted for him so he would stay to be made fun of. The "hood" comments George Hamilton made at "P's" expense were the funniest of the show.

    Also never underestimate the pity vote or the vote for the underdog.

    If Jerry wants out he should have had the doctor declare his partner to be incapacitated after her injury. People aren't voting for Jerry Springer, they are voting for Jerry, Jerry Jerry!

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