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Thread: 9/19 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    IMO Monique and Joey were the best of the night hands down
    Worst of the night were Jerry and Shanna........
    Improved was Harry, and Sara
    Willa Emmitt and Vivica good
    Mario's performance was NOT a quickstep, and I was more disappointed in his professional partner, b/c she should know better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aceon6 View Post

    I hope Willa gets saved this week. She's good enough to stay around.
    I agree..........

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    Quote Originally Posted by jensbiggestfan View Post
    Second, Jerry has been a pleasant surprise. He actually seems like a really nice guy, and is surprisingly funny!
    This is how and why Jerry has been successful in his various careers (politician/scum-mongering talk show host). It's ALWAYS been his schtick to seem like the pleasant, understated funny nice guy surrounded by loonies.

    It's an act, because you aren't as successful as he is, at what he does (either career), if you really ARE all that nice.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bearcata View Post
    I do wish that the producers of DWTS would post the name of the song and original artist at the bottom of the screen like they did with "So You Think You Can Dance".
    Yes. Because their singers mangle the songs so badly we NEED that indicator/reminder of what the song actually is.

    I still can't get over Bergeron actually THANKING those hacks. But I suppose its his job, in between those bombastic over-the-top bits he does.

    "You don't rehearse Mr. T, you just turn him loose."
    -----Sylvester Stallone, on Mr. T-----

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    Best of the night were Joey and Monique for sure. They did the best quick step I can remember seeing in alll three seasons of this show. The 10's were well-deserved.

    I thought Emmitt did very well. Holding the shape of the quick step while doing the fast footwork is very difficult for the man, but is especially unnatural for a running back. He is one of the good guys of football and deserves to move forward.

    Harry was not as good as either of the above, but did hold the shape and was much improved for last week. I'd like to see him stay.

    Most disappointing for me was Mario. Yes, he can dance very well and yes, he is entertaining, but as I watched that performance I thought Broadway, not quick step. They both knew they were way outside of the boundaries as they both talked about taking risks, and I believe Mario had a lot to say about what he wanted to do. If he stays, perhaps his partner should not listen to him as much.

    I'm not all that impressed with any of the women celebrities this season, but it's still early and they may improve.
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    My favorite of the night was:

    Joey and his partner. Their moves were effortless and in sync with each other.

    Monique and her partner. Wow that was one hot number. How old is this girl because she seems to have the hots for her partner.

    Emmit and Cheryl. Great, but was it just me or did Cheryl looked a little bit worn out last night? She didn't seem her vibrant self. I love the song they danced to.

    Vivica and her partner: was okay, but I couldn't get past that "me, me, me" attitude. When they were talking back stage, she totally forgot about her partner. She kept doing all of the talking. I kept yelling at the screen "Girl shut up." She's good I give her that, but it's not only about you.

    Jerry and his partner were okay considering the circumstances.

    Mario's dance I actually kind of liked it, but too bad it wasn't in the guidelines. Who knew.

    The worst to be were:
    Harry and his partner. He looked like he was constipated.
    That country singer girl. She was afraid to move her hips.
    Willa and her partner. She kept talking about how she's a bad girl, but I didn't see it in her moves.

    One poster said they didn't like the singers on the show, but I do. Especially the band. I rather they dance to a band then the recorded music like the other dance show.

    I think either Harry or the Country Singer is going home tonight.
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    It appeared to me last night that the judges were trying to "even out the playing field" a bit by scoring some (less talented) couples higher than others (more talented). I've never watched a season of this show before, but when I watched last week it looked like there were 2-3 obvious front runners, with natural talent and charm on the dance floor. This week they scored these couples much lower than other couples as if they were trying to balance it out. Do they do this so it is more suspenseful over the season and make it less obvious as to who will (or should) go home?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bearcata View Post
    Who knew ES could move much better than Jerry Rice.
    I'd definitely think a Running Back could move better than a Wide Receiver. I loved Jerry Rice on the show last year, even though he did go a week or two further than deserved because of his fan base. Emmitt's fast, light foot movements were always apparent on the field, and I was so excited to see him on the show this year. I think he'll go far also.

    One nitpicky thing about the show that has nothing to do with the contestants (I'm staying far, far away from making fun of the band, the way the singers perform the songs, the way Tom Bergeron thinks his shtick is funny, the audience, everything) is the fact that it's a live show, but some of it is pre-taped. I guess they don't watch the pretaped bits before they insert them into the live show...but obviously I'm wrong because in the first moment of the show, the illustrious hostess Samantha tumbled all over her words and had to re-do. That could have easily been fixed before the show aired. C'mon producers, TRY to make this show worthy of the fans/viewers that watch it instead of the shows it competes against!!!

    Okay, now that it's after 4pm and I'm just getting into my usual morning ritual of posting some thoughts on the previous night's reality fix...I've had a full, trying day, so this is definitely going to be out of order, and I'm definitely going to forget most of it.

    Willa and Maxim-- She's just not very likeable, and I disagree on his "hottie" status...ick, give me Tony Dovolani any day. Regardless, I try to base my votes on the dancing, even though I rarely vote. The dancing was all flash and no substance...or as Bruno said last season all sizzle and no sausage (or something similarly raunchy about sizzling meat) Unless a celebrity does a great job on their performance, it is really hard as a viewer to vote for someone that did an average job, whom you don't know outside the show, and don't like what you've seen of their personality. I predict bottom 3, but I'm willing to be wrong.

    Harry and Ashly-- He did a good job. I liked it. From what I remember from the ShoobieDoobieDanceShow (credit: Krom! I think), the upper body is supposed to be stiff, and the lower half is supposed to paddle away independently, they are to hold their arms stiffly, and you'd hope that they could still look like they are having fun...a la Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire... Harry was pretty good. Prediction: Safe!

    Monique and Louie-- Are they serious with this chemistry thing? That's what's wrong with the world today, thinking you can manufacture things like chemistry, which by very definition is either there or it isn't... These judges trying to force this "Svengali" (I loved that, AJane) and this teenager to have chemistry, and make us at home feel sexy is just so annoying to me, and makes me wish they go home soon. They didn't have it last night, and poor Louie was trying to hug and kiss her before the judges comments, and she just seemed to mentally slap him away... These two should follow the rules of "dancing space" as illustrated in the ultimate reference: Dirty Dancing. That being said, and onto the dance itself, forgetting momentarily anything about chemistry/awkwardness: Her mambo was better than most of the women's, though that's not saying much, but where she lacked the hip action, she had the speed and leg action the rest couldn't put all together. None of the put all three together, hips, legs, speed. Granted, with only a few days to train from zero to awesome, they did almost as well as could be expected. Didn't they save the Mambo until a bit later in the season on the previous incarnations? Prediction: Safe, unfortunately, I'd happily place them in the bottom 3 if Willa is safe.

    Mario and Karina-- I loved the entertainment factor of this performance, but the technical? They did one or two runs of actual quickstepping, and I don't know what the magic percentage of "entertainment freestyling" vs. "technical dance passes" is, but we were soon informed that this was not up to scale. I don't think they are in any danger of going home though, and this may have been a little early on to pull such a stunt (ie: doing something just because it's crowd pleasing and relying on your fans to vote you into safety, because the judges will sure smack it down). When they did quick step it looked pretty good, so I don't quite know why they didn't do more of it. Prediction: Safe!

    Shanna and Jesse: Ooof. This was really not good. It was so excrutiatingly slow. My grandma could Mambo faster than that (Okay, scratch that, my grandmother is a great dancer, how about anyone else?) Anyone can Mambo faster than that!... And to that music... It was so slowed down, not that we can expect the house group to do the synths and hyper-fast tempo of the original, but something closer to it, nevertheless, she couldn't even keep up with that!! And Bearcata, you are so right!!! If she's safe tonight, she could thank her stylist for that dress, which gave an extremely generous illusion that her hips were moving. Prediction: Bottom 3.

    Emmitt and Cheryl-- They did a really good job. It was stiff, like it's supposed to be, and I was thinking to myself that his arms were a little low, but I think that may have been more to do with height difference than a mistake, my fault... Anyway, it was a really good job, something was a bit off (i'm still hoping for someone with dance knowledge to come in and help us out with the technical stuff), but I don't know what. He had an entertaining number last night, and got a good score. Prediction: Safe

    Sara and Tony--As said previously, her entire routine was completely boring, slow, deliberate, plodding, Wonder bread, Whole-Wheat-Chips-With-No-Salsa, bland, uncomfortable, uninspired...It just looked like a dance, like generic dance, not a named dance like quick step or mambo. The judges were very generous, I agree, they must have been feeling some heat after ragging on her (justly, though) last week. Prediction: Bottom 3.

    Joey and Edyta--In contrast to the above: Sha-zam! This was so good. I was surprised by the tens, I had thought it was nines from CAI:Miami and Bruno, with an 8 from Len because he mentioned some sloppy holds. I think the judges have been thrown off scale so far this season, and every number is off by one... they are giving out 9s that would feasibly be 8s, so therefore, when they like something better than a previously awarded 9, they have to lay down the tenner, and it's not truly warranted. Easily the dance of the night, but from past seasons, we know that the judges usually give out the tens only when they haven't pointed out any errors... oh, well. Prediction: Ever so safe. And the encore.

    Vivica and Nick--I think he's one of the best choreographers (with Louie and Jonathon (from last season) and Cheryl for the women), there were cool tricks for Vivica to strut her stuff with, and her upper half was doing well, but sadly, the bottom half wasn't mamboing. Prediction: Safe!

    Jerry and Kym: He was better at this than I expected. Though, I don't think it was a good technical dance, it was entertaining, and he seems like a charming old guy (I don't watch his show), and they'll get his fan base vote, plus the sympathy vote for the hurt professional dancer, so... Prediction: Safe!
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    I don't understand why they were so hard on Mario not keeping to the quickstep guidelines yet Joey was allowed to tap dance and got the HIGHEST SCORE. They also complimented Jerry for his improvement however he didn't really do the quickstep either and took a lot of liberties with "creativity".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krom View Post
    I still can't get over Bergeron actually THANKING those hacks. But I suppose its his job, in between those bombastic over-the-top bits he does.
    Tom's praise to the band and singers was extreme (and certainly undeserved) and one can only hope TPTB read our "praise" of them over the last two seasons. Now, if only they would do something about it and hire a DJ to spin the real songs.

    Please tell me that the winner gets a significant amount of money that goes to their favorite charity instead of just the ugly trophy.

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    So I watched the tape again today since I was a little bored. I so feel after 2 seasons that I am really getting picky, HAHA!! Those judges are just not being tough enough on everybody.

    Willa & Maxim - Willa is not graceful enough on her feet. She looked like she was slamming her feet down.

    Harry & Ashly - Harry has improved by leaps and bounds! He still has a long way to go, but way to go Harry!

    Monique & Louie - I am just not happy about this pairing. I just feel that this pairing was not right at all. Also, too much bootie shaking Monique. I usually love Louie's choreography but this time was not that great.

    More later !

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