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Thread: 9/12 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bearcata View Post
    I was curious enough to tape this last night cause I really got into the whole "Do You Think You Can Dance?" but some how I ended up taping 2 hours of QVC. Now it this a higher power telling me not to waste my time or should I watch the recap show tonight and will I get anything out of it?????
    I'd definitely watch if I were you. What else do yo have to do while you wait for your QVC stuff to be delivered?

    I didn't get to watch the whole thing, but Vivica looked beautifu, Jerry was ....... unusual. Was that supposed to be his smoking jacket? I was disappointed in Harry and hope that Lisa gets hold of him. The guy with the deep dimples is adorable but not the best dancer last night. I hate to see anyone have to leave after so short an exposure.

    And tonight, I'm watching for some girl with crazy eyes. ha

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    Quote Originally Posted by VeronicaBelle27 View Post
    Joey—I thought this was good, I liked how they had a good, energetic Cha Cha for the first performance of the new season, not an energy-vacuum like the Fox Trot. I thought that the judges didn’t rate it high enough, because they only had small criticisms, so I thought, okay, they’re ranking honestly (read: low) this season/tonight? Not necessarily the case, as we’ll see later, so I stick with my original thought that they should have ranked it a bit higher.

    Sara—For a few moments I thought (even though the sound was playing) that TIVO was doing that “paused play” thing were it moves excruciatingly slow, but, alas, that was the dance. Her movements seemed graceful, but that’s about the only nice thing I could say. 15 points seemed like a fair score.

    Tucker—What the heck was that???? Ladies and gentlemen, we have this season’s Kenny Mayne. Hopefully, he too will be ousted the first round. I like people to be funny during the interview segments, not the dancing.

    Willa—I think she made up “Bad Girl of Pop” herself, I don’t think even the worst publicist would say something so ridiculous. It may have been my TV, but did she have clown blusher on? The dance was okay… though I cannot imagine why the judges didn’t mention the fact that she had no “arm extensions” when they were all over that with other contestants (all seasons)? Maybe elbows down and arms out is an acceptable variation?

    Mario—First off, I’m not all that ashamed to admit, that I had a huge crush on him back in the day. He still looks cute, but I try not to carry that with me, it will have nothing to do with his dancing. But I busted out laughing as he waited for his partner and asked the camera “What if she thinks I’m a dork?”. Anyway, this was the best dance of the night (though I think Karina’s choreography skills are not up to snuff—what the heck was that bent-at-the-waist-turning thing in the opening pass?), not only did he move well and sell the dance, but he was a great partner, which is very important, but overlooked by the judges in these first few rounds. I think we may have one of our top two, if not the winner.

    Monique—Did she dance in High School Musical (I’m going to see it soon, honest, I really want to, just haven’t found the time)? I won’t know whether I think she’s a ringer based on my own knowledge, so I’ll ask my kind FORTies. But, all said, it was a good dance, if a little creepy when there was a moment when Louie kind of rubbed her hips. The creepiness was on in full effect when Bruno said he wants to see romance and chemistry. We’re not going to get chemistry out of these folks, and we don’t want it, so, the best we could hope for is that they get better technically, but remain in their own “dancing space”. Please?

    Emmitt— My other male sentimental celeb fave. I am a huge Emmitt Smith Fan… I always knew he had to have the moves, and when I saw him on the roster for this season of DWTS, I was psyched! This was really good, though it didn’t really match the music, and the spirit of the cha-cha (in my limited knowledge) was compromised a bit, but he was just shakin’ his thang out there!!! {clears throat} Not that that is a reason to give him a good score, but based on his male competition he’s one of three that actually DANCED. I do think the judges were a mite too generous though, I would have been happy with the 22 that would have befitted him.

    Shanna—I was not impressed at all by this dance. It was all tricks, I hardly saw them Foxtrot at all, and when they did, it seemed oddly-timed with the music. (Hopefully, someone will come rescue me soon, with my limited knowledge of technical terminology, I’m starting to flounder.) And what the heck was she wearing. Ugh.

    Harry—I loved how Ashly was so excited to have Harry as a partner. I think he may have had some serious jitters, hopefully that was the case. After the Monique/Louie thing I was expecting to see a bit of “creepy uncle” vibe, but there was none in evidence, hopefully it won’t sneak in later. He probably has potential, but he was SO stiff, a bit like Dorothy and the Scarecrow was what I wrote on a piece of scratch paper (heretofore known as my “notes”), but I don’t think he’s going home too soon. He’ll have time to get his hips working, because for this one, just the arms and feet were dancing.

    Vivica—Now, I love her, my female sentimental favorite. But she justified my devotion. This was great!!!! She looked so elegant while also having fun and enjoying the dance. With Nick being my favorite choreographer/partner on the show, and Vivica being a good dancer, I think they are going to go really far, perhaps to the end!

    Jerry—“The Notes” say: Kitschy, creepy (especially that leg-worshipping maneuver), and what was that music choice? Hey, Daddy? Eww! But he’ll stick around for a bit because of his fan base. I don’t mind if he stays for two weeks, but after that I’m going to start getting nasty.

    Vica's Rankings:
    Thank you for the wonderful recap. I wasn't able to watch last night and I was looking all around for a recap. Thank you!

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    It sounds more like Dancing with the B-list psuedo-celebrities, but I still have to give them all a lot of credit. This looks like tremendously hard work. I didn't see all of it (Big Brother, you know) but of the ones I saw only Harry Hamlin really looked stiff. The others looked better than I would after a year of training. Or ever.

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    gemgirlco: This show will be covered with recaps. Typically those are up within a day, two at most. "Watch this space"!

    The first recap for this season is up now! Click here.

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