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Thread: Dancing With The Stars Season 3 Announced!

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    Hmmmm... that picture makes him look so bizarre. It doesn't even look like him...

    The tmz video, at least, looks like an older Joey Lawrence minus hair.
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    Where did that picture come from? I want to see the other stars!

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    I love this show and it looks like a good cast of characters. A little something for everyone. Looking forward to seeing some of the pros again and really enjoy their routines.

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    SHould be interesting with Tucker and Springer. Springer hosts a surprisingly good talk radio show on Air America and is fairly left wing, so these two may be fun to watch together.

    In fact Springer makes fun of his own tv show on his radio show saying it gives him the money to do the political talk show which is his first love.
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    Speaking of Jerry Springer - look what Jake Tapper wrote about at MSNBC.com today:

    Following is the 100% legitimate letter from DeLay:

    "Dear Friend,

    "I am writing to you today in an effort to help a good friend of mine, country music singer and GOP supporter Sara Evans. Sara will be competing this year on ABCís smash hit "Dancing with the Stars" beginning Tuesday, September 12, at 8 pm Eastern/ 7pm Central. Sara has recently launched a new website www.DancingWithSara.com that will connect her fans to exclusive behind the scenes material from the show. Register with this website for free today and then watch Sara compete starting September 12 Ė and donít forget that YOUR VOTE HELPS DETERMINE THE WINNER!

    "Sara Evans has been a strong supporter of the Republican Party and represents good American values in the media. From singing at the 2004 Republican Convention to appearing with candidates in the last several election cycles, we have always been able to count on Sara for her support of the things we all believe in. Letís show Sara that same support by watching and voting for her each week to help her win this competition. One of her opponents on the show is ultra liberal talk show host Jerry Springer. We need to send a message to Hollywood and the media that smut has no place on television by supporting good people like Sara Evans.

    "Sara will be a great representative of the values that we want to see in the media and we should all support her to keep her on the show as long as possible. Register today with www.DancingWithSara.com for complete access to Sara on "Dancing with the Stars" and then watch her starting September 12. Remember, your votes will help determine the winner so be sure to tune in and vote each week.


    "Tom DeLay "

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    Woo Hoo! It starts tonight!!

    Between this and the final Rockstar Performance show, I'm so psyched for tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!
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