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Thread: 2/23 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    For anyone who missed it last night, this news site has video up of the rehearsals. Granted, no costumes, but you can atleast see the dance.


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    Quote Originally Posted by lalou View Post
    Hey guys,

    First time poster, long time lurker on FORT!

    Just had to register so that I could let you know that voting is still open on-line at ABC.com. Their rules state that voting can continue on-line until 12:00 on the day of the results show, which in this case is Sunday.

    So for all of you who think, like me, that Drew and Cheryl deserve to win on the basis of last night, click on over to ABC and vote, vote, vote (they accept unlimited votes).

    Great to join you all - don't know why I didn't do it earlier!
    Online it says you can vote 1 time per email address.
    So, if a family has more than 1 email address you can register and vote more than once?!? I have 2 active email accounts and it worked for me. Of course, only do this if you are voting for Drew and Cheryl!

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    I had never seen Drew dance before, I'd caught little snippets of the show mostly Stacy and the dreadful "P" fellow. I have to admit I found it hard to picture Drew as someone who could dance when I look at him. So, after reading the effusive posting in this thread, last night I watched the whole show (I did miss the first few minutes though). Those first two (non-contestants) were clumsy and awkward. Jerry looked like someone who doesn't do this for a living and can't do it naturally. Stacy was so bad that I couldn't help but think she was throwing it on purpose. You just can't swing someone that long gracefully around your shoulders! Then, finally, Drew and Anna. Wow, I was really blown away by everything they did. They had all the details down pat, the nuance, the story, the moves. I still can't believe it when I see him but he really is fabulous!

    Just an aside, my heart went out to his wife in the audience. She is so heavily pregnant and her husband has his hands full of a lean, lovely dancer. No matter how secure and supportive she is that's gotta give her a little pang somewhere. My hats off to both of them.
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    I don't know how much that is different that I can add about last night's show. I agree with most of you that Drew did the best and that last night Jerry was better than Stacy.

    Stacy is my favorite and I still hope she wins but her freestyle dance was just boring and without any humor unlike both Drew and Jerry's. Maybe I would feel different If Drew and Jerry hadn't been so much fun to watch. I also thought the song choice was kind of strange for Stacy and Tony. To me, Tony was the focus of that dance and I wouldn't think that's the way it should be. If they wanted to go with a song from a movie then maybe they should have chosen something from Flashdance or even Dirty Dancing where Stacy would have been more the focus of the dance or at least the 2 of them would have been more equal.

    Finally, did any of you catch what Tony said to Carry Ann when she was making her comments? I missed it but I heard her response to him was something like, Yeah I love you too Tony. I had the feeling he was just waiting for her to say something negative and was being overly sensitive. I wonder if he is getting that from Stacy or if she is getting that from him. Sunday should be interesting. Thanks

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    I'm another viewer who had not voted, but after watching Drew and Cheryl and reading lalou"s post, I went to the ABC site and cast my one little vote for Drew and Cheryl. I enjoyed all the dances last night, but Drew and Cheryl were really exceptional.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MajiH View Post
    For anyone who missed it last night, this news site has video up of the rehearsals. Granted, no costumes, but you can atleast see the dance.

    Oh, thanks! I've been checking ABC's site all day, but they don't have them up yet. D&C's paso doble was my favorite dance of the season, and their freestyle looks just as good.

    I wish they could use the original artists if they have to dance to anachronistic songs. I'm sure the royalties are prohibitive, though.

    ETA: And now I see that ABC doesn't even show the dances; they have a few clips, and then the judges' comments and scores. The dance is what I care about, not the annoying judges.
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    Heads Up: Monday on "The View" the winner will be dancing for the ladies.

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    I think Stacey was the victim of very poor choreography...I feel bad for her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pluckyduk8 View Post
    I think Stacey was the victim of very poor choreography...I feel bad for her.
    To me, no question at all that the choreography blew.


    Dunno 'bout that one.

    I just find it absolutely astounding that Stacy went to all the trouble to actually get on a trampoline and do backflips, then take that even a step further and actually get up on a trapeze, let go, and fall (albeit harnessed for the trampoline and the trapeze, as well as there being a net for her to fall in at the trapeze).

    She went through all that to supposedly get used to heights and being in the air.

    Funny, but she didn't seem like a victim to me, then. If she didn't want to try it, she could've told Tony: "Not only NO, but HELL, no!"

    She didn't do that.


    Then, in the free dance, she and Tony only do two (?) lifts, and the second just sucked?


    Sorry, but if I was afraid of heights but still had the brass ones to do a tramp and a trapeze to try to get rid of that fear, as far as I'm concerned, for the BIG ONE, my partner could've lifted me up and flung me from the West to the East Coast for the entire time we were dancing, and I wouldnt've given a damn!

    I would've figured it this way: "Hell, if I fall, at least I'm going out FIGHTING! D&C ain't nobody to mess with, and I ain't about to GIVE 'em ANYTHING!"

    I'm starting to suspect Stacy might've reined Tony in a bit on the choreography because (and anybody correct me if I'm wrong) I vaguely remember her saying she enjoyed dancing to "Bootylicious" so much because she was able to really cut loose, be free, and she wasn't able to really do that in their previous dances.

    Then after "Bootylicious", here comes the jive (don't remember the name of the dance at this second), where, yet again, she's shakin' what her mama gave her like her life depended on it. Then, after the jive, AGAIN, she's doin' a shake 'n bake meltdown to "Since You Been Gone" (sorry; can't remember the dance name right now, again).

    I'm beginning to think she was maybe trying to go in the opposite direction from just making her fringe and sequins shimmer at 90 mph (and leave Bruno and Len's tongues hanging out and drool all over their desk), to try to prove to everybody that she can actually DANCE.

    I didn't think her slower, more ballroomy dances were bad at all; she proved to me she could dance 'em.

    I think most of us got that, OK?

    But if, indeed, last night was an attempt on her and Tony's part to prove that Stacy is a "real, ladylike" BALLROOM (NOT just LATIN) dancer (as well as get her away from the being-in-the-air thing she had going), then they failed, miserably.

    Also, truth be told, Stacy ain't exactly Anna's size, either.

    Just my thoughts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulvons View Post
    Finally, did any of you catch what Tony said to Carry Ann when she was making her comments?
    It was something to the effect of he expected her to be harsh on them.

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