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    Quote Originally Posted by tango7 View Post
    I think that Len’s nasty remarks to Jerry actually helped Jerry and resulted in Lisa’s elimination. Lisa is a better dancer than Jerry. But Jerry was not all that bad and for Len to say “you’re the worst of the remaining group” or whatever was uncalled for. I bet that a lot of people called in to support Jerry who initially wouldn’t have called in at all . . . or maybe would have called in to vote for someone other than Lisa.
    You pegged me, tango!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melsevene View Post

    And I don't know about you, myrosiedog, but I don't want some woman claiming to represent me when she has money enough to hire a nanny and spend her days doing yoga so she can keep that trim waistline. My days and filled with taking care of my babies, working, laundry, dusting, cleaning, making lunches for the next day, and going to bed so exhausted I just want to sleep for 10 days straight, only to get up the next morning and do it all over again.
    Oh, I noticed that and felt the same way, though I am a Lisa fan since DWTS and love her infectious enthusiasm and positive attitude (and I think she should be in the final two). She was clueless with that comment. Her life is so far removed from regular working 40 yr old moms that she didn't even have the capacity to realize how deluded she was to say that.
    The day they showed her taking Louie around on her errands - does anyone really believe that she has that many chores? Isn't that her nanny sitting next to Harry every week?
    Let's not even take this any farther, because we could go on forever.

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    Another comment re: elimination of Lisa: Tom Bergeron said it best; i.e., Jerry's fans were more motivated to call than Lisa's. Even Lisa said Jerry has a HUGE fan base. But I still think Len's nasty remarks to Jerry actually helped Jerry get more votes.

    (btw, I had the feeling that the woman sitting next to Harry was a relative, sister or something. She was criying. Lisa's daughters are awfuly big for a nanny, but.whatever.)
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