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Thread: 2/16 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Well, as for me, the looks are part of the package. Having said that, I was real impressed w/Lisa's performances last night. I really enjoyed her dancing. I really enjoyed Drew's also. I was not so much taken w/Stacey's or Jerry's. While they were both good, they were not as fun to watch as the other two. I think that while Jerry has probably improved the most, he is the one who should be leaving, since one of them has to go. I do give props to all the women though. I wouldn't be able to wear the high heels and the skimpy outfits. Well, I might,...but not on national TV and not with poor innocent children watching (that would just be wrong!-and i'm saying this about myself with my body-not the contestants)

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    Quote Originally Posted by famita View Post
    I do give props to all the women though. I wouldn't be able to wear the high heels and the skimpy outfits. Well, I might,...but not on national TV and not with poor innocent children watching
    That's funny.

    Since everyone's talking about Lisa's lips... I thought they looked much better last night since she was wearing a light peach colored lipstick. Not nearly as noticeable. Heh.

    And I can't wait to see Tom Bergeron dance with Ashly DelGrosso tonight. That ought to be fun!

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    I agree that the comments to Jerry, especially by Len, were too harsh. I wish he would stick to talking about what he's just seen rather than going so far as saying that Jerry is the worst of the 4 remaining. I also don't understandi why he was criticized for using the broom. Isn't the coreography the pro's responsibility wich would make that her decision and not something Jerry should be critized for? I'm really glad that Jerry and his partner spoke out against the judges. If Jerry had just agreed with Len and said, "Yeah you're probably right. I am the worst one left." I would have thought he was giving up and that wouldn't have seemed right. His partner was also completely correct to say that if they want the proper dance they should use the proper music.

    Carrie Ann is my favorite among the judges. It seems to me that even when she's being critical she also tries to be positive towards the contestants.
    The thing I always notice about Bruno is how over the top he goes when he likes someone's dance. I first noticed it with George. Bruno would do all kinds of name dropping (Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly etc.) I think it makes him seem pretty silly. Thanks

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    I love Jerry, and have thought his dances were sexy (love his smile, and way he gingerly holds his partner, and the hip action was great). I was surprised that Drew and Cheryl got such great scores from the judges for the 2nd dance, because they kept talking about Drew needing to use his hips in the rhumba, and I watched intently and so no hip action, or at least comparing to Jerry's. I think other parts of the dance - chemistry with the partner, choreography to the music were better by Drew, as usual, but the hips were supposed to be a big part of that dance.

    Last night I thought two things after the judges comments of Jerry & Anna, 1 - who picks the music for the couples? The other dancers seem to have fun dances, or music that may be more recognizable to a wide audience, and 2 - where would he be if he had a different partner? (like if Anna had been with Master P and Jerry had Ashley?) I think a lot of the trouble with the Jerry-Anna coupling is Anna, whereas, the dances would be much more fun watching he and Ashley - who's just SO personable and makes a believer out of anyone.

    I think it's difficult to compare 2 20 something couples and 2 40 something couples. Maybe next year they should have a narrower age range for the contestants. The difference too between male celebs and female celebs, where leading, lifting and other things are part of it... Lisa and Stacey look great, and I'm happy that Lisa has put so much effort in to come this far, but a big part of it is also their male partner...in this instance, Drew is on top (though his singing/musical/dance steps background gave him a leg up here a bit)

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    Drew's boy band type of dancing may have taught him how to follow choreography, but that's about it. He has said from the beginning that this is completely different and it certainly bares no resemblance to ballroom dancing.

    Stacy studied ballet and jazz which helps her immeasurable here. I should think that the huge disadvantage of her height and partner would balance things out, but there is no indication of that.

    Lisa is the most improved dancer, but the shiny trophy should go to the best and most entertaining dancer of all - that is clearly Drew despite his height.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rattus View Post
    Actually, I think she's the only one being realistic. She has given Stacy a score of ten in the past so she's obviously not out to get her, but the two men are embarrassing in their display of lust and excessive enthusiasm over her legs.

    And I would just like to say that I 4th the "Post of the Week" nomination for Krom, and would be really happy to never have to read again on FORT people being disparaged for their looks.
    I agree that she is being the most realistic or objective if you will. And as far of her being critical of the women, one could pretty much say the same about Bruno and the men.

    Actually all three have their ballroom dance credentials and know what they should know as judges. I think Bruno and Len are trying to be as overly dramatic as they think, or have been told by producers, the viewing audience wants to see.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rattus View Post
    the two men are embarrassing in their display of lust and excessive enthusiasm over her legs.
    Having only watched this show for the first time over the last 3 weeks (i'm hooked now ), I haven't had much to go on but what I've seen so far and I couldn't agree more with your statement. She does have great legs and she is a good dancer, but they are embarassingly falling over their tongues with a lack of objectivity for the others.

    I love Jerry's humbleness and I love Lisa's enthusiasm but out of what I've seen so far, I'd have to give the trophy to Drew over Stacy because well, he and his partner are just flat out entertaining and unpredictable. Their style seems to vary from week to week which keeps it interesting and they have a lot of chemistry together. Whereas with Stacy, her and her partner no doubt put a lot of energy into their dances and are fun to watch, but their tempos seem to remain consistent, almost as if you expect them to go with a more energetic, upbeat routine. I guess what I'm trying to say in a roundabout way, Drew and his partner have shown more "depth".

    Since I'm a novice at this show, I have to ask...who chooses the songs? Some of the contestants seemed defensive last night about the song and how they interpreted their routines to fit.
    A Bachelor fan til it dies a slow death and oddly enough, A Rock of Love fan...finest hair extensions from Europe and all. ;-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melsevene View Post
    I gave all my votes to Jerry, just because of the judges. I hope Lisa leaves this week and then Jerry can leave next week. The winner should be Drew because he has consistently been the better dancer, but, as someone said in an earlier post, the male judges both seem to be ga-ga over Stacy and can't objectively score either her or someone who may be better than her.

    I think after the judges performance last night, I'm done with this show. Survivor will keep me entertained.
    Good Enough! One less person to cast meaningless votes for the weakest dancer(s) for reasons having nothing to do with merit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krom View Post
    After weeks of seeing the level of spite in some of the comments on Lisa's lips, I've come to the conclusion that as nice as it would be for people to get past her lips, for some people it just won't even happen. Sometimes people can't turn off "petty" long enough to reason things out and laud her anyway.

    Let's put the worst face on it. Say that Lisa is actually some incredibly vain person who has regular waves of delusion which cause her to go in for monthly and totally unnecessary lip injections. In this version of reality, she's got no relatives with big lips, no fairly obvious photos from early in her career which show she always had fairly sizable lips, no bad lipstick choices which make the problem seem even worse. She's just vain, delusional and setting a bad example for other wanna-be Soap stars out there watching.

    This affects her dancing how?

    Subjectively, I think it's obvious that Lisa has to be working harder than just about anyone. She's got another full time job. She's got a big family. No matter what, she's certainly vain enough to have to invest a lot of time preparing her physical appearance. And she's considerably older than Stacy and Drew, if not Jerry (who's about a year older than her).

    And yet she's dancing like a 20 year old, albeit one with big lips. She improves week after week--which in a way makes her the most reliable contestant out there.

    Her effort or talent or work ethic won't matter a bit if someone hates her lips, or her job, or her husband. Sometimes people pick emotionally, not logically. I'm at the point where I, at least, am realizing there's probably nothing to be done to change that.

    The reverse is true too. Some people will vote for her only because she's a Soap star (just like some will only vote for Drew because they liked the music group he was in, or for Stacy because they like wrestling).

    In other words, a huge portion of this has totally nothing to do with how they dance. It's sad, and inevitable, and true. The endless lip comments are just the darker side of it. Some people see the world in a way which is conducive to popularity contests, some use logic. Short of changing the thinking patterns of a good portion of humanity, there's little to be done for that.

    I think Lisa should win this competition. Drew and Stacy have both been the same throughout. It's obvious Stacy has a dance background, and she should be eliminated before any of the other 3 (IMO).

    I can't believe people are so petty that they would care what the heck her lips look like and not pay attention to some pretty good dancing from her and Louie! I wasn't a fan when this show started, but I am now. She has impressed the heck out of me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dberk View Post
    Lisa is the most improved dancer, but the shiny trophy should go to the best and most entertaining dancer of all - that is clearly Drew despite his height.
    Actually, the past couple weeks I have been more entertained by Lisa than by Drew.

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