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Thread: 2/2 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I find the bias towards the "hot" chicks really frustrating. To my eye, Stacy is a technically good dancer, but not an interesting one, whereas Drew is both technically good and interesting to watch, though not "hot". Which explains, I suppose, why he is scoring lower than legs. Bah, pathetic.
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    I think Drew deserved straight 10's, too.

    Quote Originally Posted by combatcutie View Post
    Couldn't agree more Miss Griss. He is a fun entertainer, but he hardly does any dancing. But yet he scored higher than Tia and Jerry. I personally think Jerry did a much better job than what the judges said.

    Drew and Stacy did a fantastic job last night. Personally, I think Drew deserved all 10's also, but I'm not a judge.
    I rewatched the tape and did not see the "shoulder thing". He is a well-balanced guy. Stacy and all the gals, how do they dance in those heels??? Tia's, in fairness, if you have noticed, are always much lower. WOW! I'd have fractured my ankle on the first Samba move, and I would like to think that I am not a true Klutz, or anything.

    I think, in all fairness, George is a great dancer. He is 66 yrs old. I am just a wee bit younger than Lisa Rinna, though. I could not dance like that. But for George, stretching to achieve flexibility is much harder at his age. He does a fabulous job. He makes the dance look fun, too.

    Drew and Stacy are my two choices for the last 2 standing. Lisa will be 3rd to last. During the group dance at the end, Drew's end was perfect and seemingly-flawless. I think it was Stacy's partner who was off at the end and screwed up with his timing. His last move should have been in sync with Drew's. He was off. Drew made him look bad.

    Jerry did deserve much higher scores last night, although, I do not care for his partner. Tia was terrible. Did not put any heart into her dancing. Perhaps self-concious, I don't know, as it would be hard to be infront of everyone, out of your true element. She is NOT a more rounded-entertainer, like George, or Lisa. She is an actress that is script-fed. I hope she is gone next tonight. I'd love to see George stay. He just adds so much fun to the program.

    Lisa's partner, Louis, or whatever, gives me the creeps. Don't know why. He does.

    Have a great day, everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jensbiggestfan View Post
    I think often women are the ones who shine or have the most opportunity to show their skills in these types of dances. Which makes drew that much more amazing. and why i think he should ultimately win. Stacy is great, but so are a lot of women.
    I was just discussing this earlier with a friend. We were saying how these dances favor the women and normally when you're watching a dance you sort of unconsciously focus on the woman regarless if she is the pro or star. With Drew, however, I watch him just as much or more as his partner.

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    I missed last night's show but just saw a clip of Stacy's dance! Man! She WAS hot! I wish I could've seen Drew but from all of the posts I've read, he was hot too!
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    I'm not big on ballroom dancing, but this has been real enjoyable to watch. I personally like Drew the best. He's been the most consistant dancer of them all. Plus, he's extremely energetic!
    Stacy is good, but there's something about her that I don't like as much. She does look real nice when she's dancing. Maybe it's jealousy that I am a little bit taller than her legs!!!
    I have always enjoyed Tia-I think she's done extremely well for herself. Just having a baby or whatever-she is a beautiful woman.
    Jerry Rice did so well last night. He really let go with his hips!
    I have always had a problem with Lisa's lips, altho I did enjoy her dancing since she let go.
    And there's George...the bachelor-is he funny or what?!

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    George is funny but it is getting anoying. I'm sure he is popular among the geratric crowd but he has been long been know for being a over tanned "dirty old man" in his day!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss_Griss View Post
    No, it's not just her LIPS .

    She has a really stiff jerky thing going on. She does a lot of fancy moves, but she looks like a mechanical toy while doing them.

    The only dance she's really looked good on is the jive and that's because it's a fairly stiff dance.
    Totally agree on this, Miss_Griss. I don't her lips, but her upper body and head are way too stiff when she dances. She moves her hips well, and I think she's doing a great job for a non-dancer, but she's clearly concentrating on doing her moves correctly and is not comfortable.

    For those who enjoyed the ABC ballroom dance special last night, I heartily recommend renting the film, "Mad Hot Ballroom."

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    Stacey really rocked it!

    As for Lisa, I agree with the lip thing.

    I'm starting to think of her as Lisa "Liver Lips" Rinna!
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    Carrie Ann was way out of line for saying that Stacy was as good as some of the professional dancers. That was insulting and Tom made that clear by requesting that she name names.

    George will be saved by the people in his hood. While this should be his last week based on "dancing", he has been one of the most entertaining on and off the dance floor.

    Quote Originally Posted by Misty
    I was just discussing this earlier with a friend. We were saying how these dances favor the women and normally when you're watching a dance you sort of unconsciously focus on the woman regarless if she is the pro or star. With Drew, however, I watch him just as much or more as his partner.
    I agree and this is as much a complement to him as it is to his partner and choreographer.

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    I'm finally watching the first hour of this show on tape (saw the last half hour last night).

    Stacy was fantastic. At times I've had issues with her being a bit mechanical, even if perfect, but that certainly didn't apply this time. It's good to see her in something where she's unmistakenly passionate, instead of just all perfect lines and movement. This week she deserved all of that 30.

    George was pathetic. Even worse than I'd guessed. Sure, there was some entertaining charming schmaltz to it, but he just doesn't move well. Its a gimmick, he's a gimmick, and its going to be almost a P-like travesty when Tia no doubt goes on the results show instead of him. He didn't deserve a 24. Maybe a 21 at best.

    Lisa continues to impress me. All of the criticism in the world about her theoretical Lip job isn't going to change how impressive that body and those moves are out of a 42 year old woman. Did she give what Stacy did? Of course not. But Lisa, at her best, shows a bit more relish when she dances than even Stacy. Stacy approaches it like an athlete. Lisa seems to be having more fun. Bruno and Len had it about right--she deserved 26 or 27, not 25.

    Tia is such a cool chick. She can't bare her belly and her backside probably is still bigger than she'd like revealing, so maybe that's hurting her. It's affecting her wardrobe choices and her choice of steps. Certainly unlike Stacy and Lisa we aren't seeing fast hip action from her. It was more like a Latin hula dance. Was she worse than someone like George, who hardly moved at all though? I doubt it. They gave her a 22. I can't say I disagree with that, but then again I thought George only merited a 21.

    Jerry's kid is priceless. Then again, so is Jerry. But his hips STILL don't move right. That was a George-level performance. I'd rate him below Tia this week, at the very least. And that hurts, since I was doing the "Jerry, Jerry" chant along with the audience. I will admit that his footwork was great, but that means less than the hips this week. He got a 23. He deserved? Maybe a 21.

    Drew is where I checked in last night. To reiterate, I was impressed and think he deserved his score and his second place. Although you have to admit... this particular dance was the one most interpretible as a later-day Boyband dance.

    I'm stopping the tape, because I have no desire to see that group salsa again. {shudder}

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