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Thread: 1/20 Results Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I'm guessing most of the votes that went to Mister P were votes against nasty remarks the judges made. The judge in the middle and P have a lot in common, neither know much about dancing and neither one should be there.
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    I'm going to place most of the blame with Les and his big mouth....if he'd have shut it then P wouldn't have gotten so many pity votes. Moron. That's why I wish they would cut out the public voting and leave it strictly up to the judges. It's turned into a popularity contest and it's supposed to be about the dancing.

    Eh, whatever....Survivor starts in two weeks and I won't be tortured by P's clodhopping attempts at dancing anymore.
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    Although the judge's comment about P leaving the show may have encouraged some to vote for P, I have heard many people give another reason for voting for him. Just read this thread...the vast percentage of posts are from people astonished, disappointed, etc. that P is still there. There are a lot of people who will contine to vote P in just to see these reactions. I am around a lot of young people (teenagers) and I can't tell you how many of them are greatly entertained by the angered/astonished reactions of viewers. They think it is funny ("those people don't realize it's just a show," "we're going to keep voting for P to watch how pi**ed those people get," etc., etc.)

    And you can bet ABC is hoping P stays...look at the publicity it generates. Everyone (talk show hosts, message boards, water cooler talk) is talking about the fact that P is still here. I'd bet money the show's ratings will drop quite a bit once P is gone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krom View Post
    It's simple.

    Their formula is that the public is 50%. The biggest vote getter gets the equivalent of a perfect "30" score, I believe, which is combined with whatever they got from the judges. The other "places" are rated somewhat lower, although I don't really recall the exact formula.

    So it's not that hard to recover from getting the lowest judge score. Lets say, each judge gave P a 1, for a total score of 3 out of 30. Worst case, right?

    Combine that with a virtual "30", from getting the best public vote. Now P's got a 33/60.

    Now lets assume that the 2nd to last place person from the judge voting got a 12/30, as opposed to P's theoretical 3. So he or she got much better than P. But in the public voting they got the least. While we don't know the exact amount for last place, lets put a good face on it and grant 15 points for it (it's likely much lower). Even in that case, this person winds up with 27/60, as opposed to P's 33/60.

    In other words, if P gets first place in public voting, there's absolutely no way he can get kicked off the show.

    Now if P gets 2nd or 3rd place in public voting, and if the other judged contestants all have scores that are at least in the 22-24 point range, that might start to change things.

    I'm just saying that if the public is stupid, Ps got lots of chances to stay, no matter how bad he stinks. The judges can only hedge their bets by not only lowballing P, but also pumping the other scores up.
    Thank you for that!
    So the whole thing can be easily manipulated by a few well placed remarks by the judges, which basically work like reverse psychology. If they want to keep P in for ratings, all they have to do is makes some unkind remarks about him while not actually giving him the lowest score.
    Genius!! They don't have to give him the lowest mark, but they can verbally give it to him, which will ensure people voting for him, therefore keeping him in the running.

    So, basically if they decide P is no longer useful ratings wise, they could start scoring him higher, praise him a bit, tell the better dancers that they are doing poorly (when they are really not). This will panic the stupid public and they'll start voting higher for the favorites to keep them on the show, not being concerned with throwing a pity vote to P because he looks to be in better shape. Less votes, and he's out. So when we hear him being highly praised, marked a bit higher than warranted, that's when he'll be gone the next week.
    Genius, I tell you!!

    This show and American Idol, work on the same principle and every time a judge utters a critique they know exactly what they are doing, how they manipulate the public. Which is why I never vote on these shows.
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    I'm not sure why everyone is so outraged the P is still there. It's no different than American Idol that have people who are horrible (not gonna name names) make it through to the top 5-6, simply because of viewer votes.

    He'll eventually wear out his welcome. And Stacy, Drew, Tia will be the top three.

    Although, I like Jerry and I found Lisa to be very entertaining this week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yourefired View Post
    Since Louis was the first one eliminated last year with Trista, how could you really enjoy him or no so last season? I actually thought he was very good what little I saw of him.
    Actually last year, I enjoyed his dancing..it was his cocky smartass attitude that stunk it up...this year he seems much more humble and genuine...maybe when he cut his hair it also cut away some of his attitude?!
    Reality is the beginning...not the end....Wallace Stevens

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    Wow, I was out last night. Can't believe Giselle went and P stayed. Typical fan voting, helping someone stay cause of a nasty remark by a judge. sad

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    Well, as others have said, this just goes to show how important the size of the fan base is. I also agree that the judge was out of line for saying what he said. I don't know if the show and Ashley will be back for a 3rd season but if so somebody better make sure she has a decent partner next time. She sure deserves it after this ordeal. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by SheltieMom View Post
    Oh my gosh. What a complete sham this show has become. This is not a dance contest--it's a popularity contest.
    Actually, I think George had it right when he said it's about the entertainment, isn't it? If someone is not entertaining, they won't get votes from the general public, regardless of how perfectly they danced. We can't expect celebrities who are leaving ballroom for the first time to be as good or even close to good as professionals. Therefore, the most entertaining of the lot will get voted through.

    I guess you could say that P is entertaining in just how bad he is. He hasn't outlasted any of the ones who have a legitimate shot yet, so what's the difference?

    Reactions to his staying while others more derserving are voted off are so similar to what I've seen for years on the American Idol boards. I really think these shows want to keep the bad ones to generate enough talk that more people will tune in to see what the "controversy" is about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marleybone View Post
    I say boot George. He's so creepy.
    He isn't creepy, he's funny! I like him! I hope he stays around awhile, it's nice to have someone on there with a good sense of humor.

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