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Thread: 1/20 Results Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by bbnbama View Post
    and I actually enjoy her partner this year moreso than last year!!!

    Since Louis was the first one eliminated last year with Trista, how could you really enjoy him or no so last season? I actually thought he was very good what little I saw of him.

    BTW, I do like that they actually do results beforehand. It seems brutal to make the eliminated star train for this only to find out at the end of the show that they didn't have to. I like the Idol style results much better.

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    ARGH! NO! HOW can that MOSTROSITY known as Master P continue on this show? I, like many others, am tempted to not watch it anymore. I'll always have the hotties on CSI to keep my Thursdays happy.... Hmm... maybe i should take up voodoo *goes and wanders for supplies*

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    Well I just found out one of my young cousins voted for P because she felt bad for him after what the judge said... I guess people really do that!!?!?!?!

    But, I'll keep watching the show even if P continues.. I mean it isn't the Olympics or anything we are talking about.

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    Giselle Fernandez was robbed! she does not deserves to leave! well, i will miss her ...she was a wonderful dancer!

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    I'm ready to SCREAM!!!!! How does he get to stay and Giselle go home? There is no way he was better than her. Voting public, we are begging you, please, please PLEEEEAAASSSSEEEE STOP VOTING FOR P. He can't dance, he has a very nasty attitude towards the whole process and towards Ashley (at least he did the first 2 weeks) and HE DOES NOT deserve to win this thing!!! Maybe if he did a little more than stomp around the dance floor like Frankenstein, I might have a different opinion. But that's all he does. So please, please don't vote for him anymore.
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    I've never watched this show before, but taped the episode last night because I'd heard rumblings that it was fun. Plus, I was a dancer for 11 years. So, I began by watching the taped show, then bopped back & forth during commercials for the results show tonight. It actually worked out pretty well.

    I have to say that I was impressed with many of the contestants. The women were all really good and Tia was terrific in the Tango - you could FEEL the passion! Brava!

    Drew was good, but I expected him to be. He's younger and has been involved in music - he BETTER be able to move and keep a beat. Jerry Rice is a newbie, but he's trying. George Hamilton is WONDERFUL - that man's footwork and moves are classic and stylish and he projects ENORMOUS personality and presence. (No matter HOW good your footwork is, if people's eyes aren't drawn to your face, then you're nothing more than fancy feet - and there are hundreds of people with fancy feet out there.) And, the self-deprecating bit about trolling for votes? Loved him.

    P Miller should NOT have been on this show, period. No rhythm. No grace. No talent whatsoever. I felt so sorry for his partner when he was stomping around all over the stage like a wounded hippo. I can't belive he's still on the show - disgraceful. Giselle was charming and graceful - and a 100 times better than P - on the stage dancing and off.
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    This is called a reality show - it gives the american public a chance to vote for their favorite stars - so yes, it IS a popularity contest.

    Christ - do you think the president gets voted in based on the best canidate? Umm no - he with the most money - and friends in high places - wins.

    P made HUGE improvement from last week - he did a good job for a novice dancer - before anyone starts going into slurring the show for keeping him, get your behind up on stage and dance.

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    I love to read this message board. KROM....you are the best. You keep me in stitches and your responses have a lot of great insight.

    IMHO.....everyone who has been voted off so far should dry those tears. If it is not obvious that this is a popularity contest by now then just tattoo the word "STUPID" on my forehead.

    The thing that comes to mind whenever I see Master P. dance is a word used a lot during my prime...."CLODHOPPER." In fact.... I actually am beginning to think that P might be starting to take this competion seriously. :YIKES

    I personally think that it is George Hamilton that has added the "delightful" aspect to this show. I LOVED it when he asked Senior citizens everywhere to call from the nursing homes.

    Gieselle was such an example of grace tonight. That is the example that I want my children to see.....grace in both winning and losing. Did she deserve to leave tonight? Not in my opinion.

    ANYWAY....bottomline for me is this is big time fun to watch, big time rigged and big time ratings for ABC. GO DREW!!! (hey...my youngest son's name is Drew)

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    We can blame the judge(s) for their comments or the voters for their total lack of sensical judgment, but I've come to the conclusion that the blame solely rest with ABC or whoever are the powers that be making the decisions about who will appear on this show. Clearly they are not interested in picking people who might actually stand a chance of giving a good performance.

    By the way, I haven't been able to get on the ABC site all evening (well, I've only tried since 10pm pacific time). Could their web server have crashed from a barrage of angry fans? I wonder what's going on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yourefired
    She said she felt like those who had training had a leg up which shouldn't be in this type of competition. I guess she wants a skating with celebrities type level ground or something.
    I would agree with that way of thinking since they try to pass off both shows as having novice dancers/skaters. Unfortunately the Skating with Celebrities show has 3 celebrities with prior skating experience, and even the professional skaters have different skating backgrounds, so it's not a level playing field over there either. I find it disappointing.

    Quote Originally Posted by boxhill
    There are those of us who, strange as it may seem, actually enjoy watching the dancing.
    I meant no offense. I just find it boring to drag out the results show for an entire hour. I enjoy the dancing too, but I don't enjoy seeing the contestants have to stand there and wait, wait, wait to find out whether or not they have been booted.

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