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Thread: Tatum O'Neal-Celebrity Dancer

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    Tatum O'Neal - Celebrity Dancer (Season 2)

    from abc.com


    Nick Kosovich

    Born to actor parents Ryan O'Neal and Joanna Cook Moore in Los Angeles, California, Tatum made her acting debut at the tender age of 10.

    Tatum's first ever movie role, playing Addie Loggins opposite her father in Paper Moon, was also the role that won her a Best Supporting Actress Oscar, making her the youngest person ever to win a competitive Oscar.

    She went on to star in movies such as Bad News Bears (with which she broke another record as highest-paid child star in history), and International Velvet, among others.

    O'Neal has gone on to have a prolific movie and TV career as an adult, appearing in movies such as Little Darlings and Basquiat, and TV shows including Sex and The City, 8 Simple Rules and Rescue Me.

    Last year, Tatum published her memoirs A Paper Life.

    Tatum has three children with former husband John McEnroe.

    Her brother is actor Griffin O'Neal, her sister-in-law is actress Rebecca De Mornay.
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    2 words:
    Bravo Tatum!!!

    Who knew that out of this former mess of a woman comes a great dancer!!! YAY!! GO TATUM!!

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    I've got to find out what's wrong with her mouth.

    When I was living in California in the early 80s, I saw her with some older woman at the makeup counter in Robinson's. I never approached her; I wouldn't. She was one of only a pitifully few "star" sightings out there.

    I love her eyes.

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    when she was dancing, my husband said: look at the expression on her face and she's not "green". I said, I think they gave her Dramamine so she could get through the dance without getting sick. She looked so serene that only drugs could be the answer to the problems she encountered in practice. Her dance partner did say there were MANY ways to overcome the motion sickness problem. LOL.

    I was prepared to hate her, but she was surprisingly good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shaynas_mom View Post
    I've got to find out what's wrong with her mouth.
    She looked like maybe she was recovering from Bell's palsy where one side of your face is temporarily paralyzed. Either that, or she's had a bad plastic surgery mishap. Hope it's something temporary.

    She was pretty good, which was amazing after watching the practices. Maybe the practice tape was an "acting" thing in order to throw the judges off and make them be surprised with her rapid improvement.
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    I found out about the mouth thing. My boyfriend is a detox counselor and residential supervisor at a residential rehab facility. This is definitely an ex-junkie "thing" that they do with their mouth, and I can't even put it into words (it was easier to show him) what that is..."chewing" or "pursing". It's also kind of a nervous thing, but definitely something substance abusers and recovering ones do. Not all do that. I really didn't keep up on what Tatum's life was really like when she was growing up, except for one article in a "People" type magazine about her marriage and children by McEnroe. Today, though, I read an interview on msnbc.com that might not be totally current, but it gave me a real good idea. She was a mess, thanks to "wonderful" parenting.

    And weirdly enough, "Paper Moon" was on Bravo tonight and I caught the last hour of it. I haven't watched it in years.

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    she had no childhood... I feel sorry for her! It is a wonder she is as normal as she is! Especially being married to John!

    "found this about Tatum...

    "Troubled childhood
    In her autobiography called A Paper Life, Tatum O'Neal alleged that she had been the victim of child molestation by a male friend of her father's. Tatum also alleges physical and emotional abuse from her father, much of which she attributes to drug use

    "In 1986, O'Neal wed multi-millionaire tennis superstar John McEnroe, and the couple had three children: Kevin, Sean, and Emily.

    Following their divorce in 1992, she took up residence in New York City. McEnroe, who in 1997 married musician Patty Smyth, has custody of his three children with O'Neal, due to her drug problems and psychological issues, but she has reasonably generous visitation rights."

    still I hope she goes far!

    I could root for several dancers this year...so far my favorites are Drew, Lisa, Jerry and Tatum. Time will tell if they can do as well in weeks to come!
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    Yeah, someone gave me her book to read. I thought my childhood stunk. SHe beat me on page 3. and I stopped reading at page "3" after her father told her that she wished "alicia silverstone" was her daughter.

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    The problem for me is that while I feel sorry for her and what she's lived through, it doesn't change the feeling I have that she's probably not well enough to be appearing on a high profile show. I have no idea if she's still got a drug habit, but there's kind of a helter-skelter look about her, and I think we may be in for some really strange interview segments. I wish the lady well, but does a small run on a cable TV show and a pair of direct to video movies in the past few years enough to prepare her for this kind of scruntiny again?

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    she would be far from the first mentally somewhat unstable person to appear on a tv show. Cut her some slack..she is doing something she wants to do! It could be very good for her mental health! It would be unhealthy for her to hide in a closet!

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