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Thread: Kenny Mayne-Celebrity Dancer

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    Kenny Mayne - Celebrity Dancer (Season 2)

    from abc.com

    ESPN Anchor

    Andrea Hale

    A native of Kent, Wash., Myane was an honorable mention junior college All-American quarterback before attending the University of Nevada in 1982 where he got a degree in Broadcasting. While there he played football for two years before signing as a free agent with the Seattle Seahawks.

    Mayne began his television career at KLVX-TV (a PBS affiliate) in Las Vegas Nevada. From 1982 (upon leaving college) until 1990 Mayne worked at local stations before serving as a freelance reporter and field producer for ESPN from 1990 to 1994.

    He has served a variety of roles in more than 10 years with ESPN, hosting such divergent shows as SportsCenter, RPM 2Night, and 2 Minute Drill. He currently provides features to SportsCenter and The Mayne Event, segments to Sunday NFL Countdown, as well as hosting ESPN's horse racing coverage.

    Mayne is married and lives in Connecticut.
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    Thought I'd vapor lock when one of the judges described their performance as looking like "Pinocchio chasing Jiminy Cricket across the floor"!!!

    I did think he looked awfully robotic, but the judges words were much more accurate. I do admire him for getting out there and putting forth an effort though.
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    I'm probably the only one who thinks Kenny, not "P" should go home-- although if he stays, we will at least have comic releif for one more week.
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    So funny.

    They just had a segment on Access Hollywood about how they had his 6 year old girl fill in for him on his sports show this week. They showed clips of her talking about how Dad's partner was "a hottie" and how Mom wasn't happy abou that and then a clip from the sports show where the little girl is interviewing this huge football player and is asking him all kinds of very technical football questions.

    It was pretty darn hilarious.

    I think Mayne's little daughter has more of a career than Howard Stern's kid (the previous A.H. story was about Stern's new Satellite radio show and had him commenting on the whole current scandal with HIS kid taking, and quitting, a topless off-broadway role).

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    I'm so glad Kenny was voted off. Now I don't have to waste my time on Thursday or Friday evenings watching this crap. He was the only reason I watched last week and he got all 10 of my votes because I only knew he was better than that P guy and Kenny would need many viewer votes to be able to stay.

    It's okay Kenny, your fans still love ya!!!

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    Since his appearance on DWTS, I haven't seen Kenny on ESPN. Was he so traumatized by being eliminated before that disaster P that he needed some time off? Say it ain't so, Kenny! I miss you!

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    He did his "Mayne Event" on sunday's NFL Countdown.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JR. View Post
    He did his "Mayne Event" on sunday's NFL Countdown.
    Oh thanks, JR, I must have just missed it. Speaking of the NFL, could the Superbowl be any sweeter?? Go Seahawks! Go Steelers! My two favorite teams! Who do I cheer for???

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