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Thread: P.Miller (AKA Master P) - Celebrity Dancer

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    Quote Originally Posted by justCoz View Post
    I've thought this a lot of times. I think she is well liked. Ashley won a lot of hearts in the first go-around, and people may be just voting for her, not him. She's becoming a 'celebrity' from doing this show.

    I think the pro dancers can also hurt their stars. I believe that one reason that Trista left first in the first season was because Louis was so slimy and not just because she was not well-liked, although that obviously played a part in it too. And with new pro dancers this season we are starting from scratch getting to know them, where the pros from last season we already know and like/dislike.
    Isn't slimy Louis that Trista danced with last year the same slimy Louis that Lisa is dancing with this year?

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    How are they getting an hour and a half out of this show tonight? I don't get it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogg View Post
    If ABC or another network made a show called "Ballroom Dancing" and pros just sat there danced and got judged, NOBODY would watch it.
    actually, one of the networks DID use to show porfessional ballroom dancing years ago. I watched it every time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by suncat7 View Post
    They just get bragging rights (and the trophy) from what I've seen.

    You're right about the exposure. I read an interview with Lisa Rinna that said she turned this show down last season, and then was kicking herself when it did so well. So she jumped at season 2. (sure, now that it was a hit viewed by millions.)

    As for P, I'd say he's getting a LOT out of this, because there are many outside of the rap world who had never heard of him. Granted, hearing of him now won't necessarily make people run out and by his albums, but he has his hand in so many business ventures, that any publicity is indeed good publicity. Nothing like name recognition.
    I wouldn't have asked Lisa to be on the show again if she turned them down. I mean she had to wait til it was a hit to decide she wanted to do it? One person I would LOVE to see do this show is Kelly Ripa.

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    Kelly Ripa was a regular on a dance show when she was, I think, a teenager. She was good. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulvons View Post
    Kelly Ripa was a regular on a dance show when she was, I think, a teenager. She was good. Thanks
    It's very sad that I remember this... It was called "Dance Party U.S.A." From what I recall, she was kind of a little snotty, and she had HUGE hair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melsevene View Post
    Isn't slimy Louis that Trista danced with last year the same slimy Louis that Lisa is dancing with this year?

    He looks a little less slimey with his hair cut, but he still creeps me out a bit--well a lot, actually.
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    Our roomie, Michele, had her sister and her 4 year old niece over for dinner last night and I quietly had this show on the TV.

    Pretty soon, everyone had drifted over to the set, (I think it was my wild laughter ) and I had a panel of "judges" with me.

    Neither sister nor niece had seen/heard about the show.

    P came on, I bit my tongue in half, to not prejudice them, and the 4 year old blurted out:

    "Mommy, that man is sick! Look, he's too tired to move his feet; what's wrong with him, Mommy?" (said niece had just gotten over the flu so she may have been really sensitive to 'sick' people)

    Michele and I broke out into squeals of laughter and her mom was mortified, because she didn't know if we felt insulted by the wee one's comments or not. When, through tears, we assured her that we AGREED, she sat back, relaxed and chimed in with, "It looks like Frankenstein dancing with his Bride!" (even funnier than her kid!)

    I never thought that I'd live to see a set of deuces given to a performer but it happened. The only recourse for the judges, next week, when P gets voted IN....again...is to come out from behind their desks and carry P off the stage themselves!!!
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    I watched the show last night and again he doesn't even move. They even said he has put in a total of 20 hours practising so far while all the others have put in more than 100 hours of practice. If the fans vote to keep him in tonight, then I think the show needs to kick him off. Seriously, EVERYONE knows this guy just isn't in to it while everyone else is busting their ass. It's so unfair to the other dancers. Get this idiot off the show please!!!

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    If P isn't sent home tonight, then I'll start thinking that this show is rigged! He needs to go now!

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