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Thread: Giselle Fernandez-Celebrity Dancer

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    Giselle Fernandez - Celebrity Dancer (Season 2)

    from abc.com

    Television Journalist

    Jonathan Roberts

    One of television's most seasoned young journalists, Giselle Fernandez is a five-time Emmy award-winning news writer and producer. She is president of her own production company, Skinny Hippo Productions, and is also co-president of F Squared Productions, where she develops film and TV projects for both Spanish and English language networks.

    Known over the past decade for her coverage of international news stories and major events, Fernandez has made significant contributions to the CBS and NBC networks.

    In a brief three-year departure from serious reporting, Giselle hosted A&E's This Week in History and profiled Hollywood's A-list celebrities on NBC's Access Hollywood. From Barbara Streisand to Sharon Stone to Robert Redford and Tom Cruise, Fernandez was a favorite, and highly regarded as one of the finest interviewers in Hollywood. In fact, talk show queen Oprah Winfrey described Fernandez as magical.

    Most recently, Giselle co-anchored the KTLA Morning News on Tribune's KTLA WB5 in Los Angeles. She has also just completed her first feature-length documentary and is writing a series of children's books.

    Born in Mexico and raised in Southern California, Fernandez is the daughter of a Jewish mother and renowned Mexican flamenco dancer father. Her ethnic heritage inspired her to refer to herself as the original "Kosher Burrito." Giselle attended Sacramento State University where she majored in journalism.

    Her passions also include running, hiking with her dogs and tennis. Fernandez splits her time between Los Angeles and Fiji with her husband, John Farrand, former CEO of Panavision, Inc.
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    I had no idea who this woman was... but I thought she did an excellent job. I was also moved by how much it mattered to her. She clearly wanted to do well and took the training very seriously.

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    What's reality???
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    WOW - she is amazingly fit. Those abs and leg muscles!

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    i will miss her...she was a great dancer! i LOVE her Rumba from last week; it was simply beautiful!

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    This woman is in her 40's and look at the performance she produced. She definitely deserved to stay.
    No one should have to dance backwards for all of their life.

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    In my own little world where all things are Idol......
    She always got my votes from the beginning....I knew her from her reporting and have always thought she was a gorgeous woman...now I know she's gorgeous both inside and out..........she will be missed!
    Reality is the beginning...not the end....Wallace Stevens

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    She made one of the most gracious exits I've seen in a long time. Definitely the wrong person got booted last night.

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    Sorry to see Giselle go. She seemed to really want this. One of the pitfalls of a voting show for celebrities wherein not all of the celebrities have similar fanbases.

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    I booed and booed when she got cut (and that idiot P stayed). This show is becoming a farce when something like this happens.

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