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Thread: Lisa Rinna-celebrity dancer.

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    Lisa Rinna - Celebrity Dancer (Season 2)

    from abc.com

    Actress/ CEO

    Louis van Amstel

    With her exotic looks, prodigious talent, infectious energy and savvy business acumen, Lisa Rinna has become one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood. Lisa currently serves as host of the national television series Soap Talk, on SoapNet. In addition she is CEO of a wildly successful fashion venture, Belle Gray, which opened in 2003.

    Lisa is known to many as "Billie Reed," the character she played on NBC's daytime hit Days of Our Lives throughout the 90's and in 2002. The actress previously portrayed the "love-hate-to- her" "Taylor McBride" on Fox's long-running primetime smash, Melrose Place.

    She starred in two Lifetime Original movies, Sex, Lies and Obsession, opposite husband Harry Hamlin and in Another Woman's Husband.

    Additional television credits include: the UPN's Veronica Mars, the ABC comedy series 8 Simple Rules, the NBC series The Hogan Family, and numerous Movie of the Week's.

    In May 2003 Lisa embraced her life-long love of fashion and opened her own women's clothing boutique, Belle Gray.

    Rinna is a native of Medford, Oregon and loves outdoor activities. A fitness fanatic, she also enjoys yoga, skiing and tennis.

    Lisa resides in Los Angeles with her husband, actor Harry Hamlin, and their two young daughters, Delilah and Amelia.
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    Lisa did a lovely job! Her dress and her body were beautiful She expresses herself very well.
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    I've been looking for a venue to express my Lisa hate. Here goes.

    On a forum somewhere, somebody already posted that they hate Lisa Rinna with the passionate fire of a thousand angry nuns. I say, a big ditto to that. Where to begin? The plastic surgery, which apparently is meant to distract from the empty head. Or is that just her schtick -- to act stupid and ditzy? This is what she thinks people want to see? Makes me think that all Harry Hamlin wanted was some life-size Barbie to hang on his arm. Well, he got it.

    All she does on Soap Talk is talk over Ty. Her stories are stupid and pointless. Her wardrobe is not age-appropriate. Her hair is from another planet. And those lips. Man, I don't even know what to say. It's hard to say who looks more ridiculous at this point after all the cosmetic "enhancements": Lisa Rinna or Hunter Tylo from Bold and Beautiful. Do these women not really see themselves when they look in the mirror? They are a joke!

    And did anybody else notice how much Louis looks like Harry Hamlin with the short haircut? I read on another forum that she insisted Louis cut his hair. How sad is that?

    Master P deserves to go next. After him, bye bye Lisa Big Lips.

    Okay, I think I'm done. Anybody want to ask me how I really feel?

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    I'll do it....Karennz, how do you really feel?

    I've never seen Soap Net (I'm not a soap opera fan) but I've seen Lisa on other stuff (including Veronica Mars) and I find her worm lips very distracting. I can't imagine that she thinks those look good, and certainly not natural. They look like an allergic reaction to something.
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    WOW...there is some Lisa hate here! I actually don't hate her...her lips are distracting but other than that, I think she is beautiful! I love her hair...I think she has a killer body...her hubby is cute...and I don't really believe she made Louis cut his hair (tho I'm so glad he did..he looks SO much better!) I hope Lisa and Louis make it far!
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    Lisa is a good person and I applaud the long term marriage she and Harry have unlike many other celebrities in today's world.

    She is from my area Medford, Oregon and frequently visits with her family and NEVER has she been arrogant or rude, just your normal home town gal!

    She looks fantastic for her age and did a marvelous job dancing on the show. I hope she goes far in the competition.

    Criticize her for what she does for a living but she is laughing all the way to the bank and seems to have an audience.
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    I don't think Lisa has done much - if any - plastic surgery. She had those huge lips when she was on Days of our Lives in the early 90s (before Angelina made them cool).

    I think she looks fantastic at 42

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    I really don't much about her, so I really don't dislike her. I saw her on Oprah and she was kind of annoying, though.

    She did look excited when she didn't get booted out So that kind of made me like her more. I think she is pretty harmless.

    Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johanson have nice lips, but they are natural and look good. Lisa's really don't.

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    Wow, I am amazed people dislike her so much. I think she is adorable. Her looks are a bit too exotic with overly large lips and eyes, but her personality is cute and bubbly. She really, really wants to participate and enjoys this so much. She doesn't need to win though - she already has handsome Harry (who still makes be drool at 50).

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    Quote Originally Posted by aname View Post
    Wow, I am amazed people dislike her so much. I think she is adorable. Her looks are a bit too exotic with overly large lips and eyes, but her personality is cute and bubbly. She really, really wants to participate and enjoys this so much. She doesn't need to win though - she already has handsome Harry (who still makes be drool at 50).
    People tend to confuse her with the character she played on Melrose Place.

    Her lips ARE a bit much, but a bit of research seems to suggest that she's always had them. This page (click here) has photos of her from the 1992-95 period on "Days of Our Lives" and I think you can clearly see that this isn't just some recent Botox enhancement. That procedure didn't even exist then, I think. It's a credit to her that her appearance is largely unchanged in 13 years.

    Actually, searching the web is fun. Take a look at the bottom of this page: http://www.perfectpeople.net/biopage.php3/cid=895
    I think those three photos represent her pretty well.
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