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Thread: Lisa Rinna-celebrity dancer.

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    There's a little blurb in People magazine this week saying that Lisa has talked her partner, Louis, into moving to LA and opening a dance studio with her. Apparently, she found her DWS experience to be life-changing, doesn't want to give up dancing, and wants to offer the experience to others in a family-friendly environment where her husband and kids will enjoy hanging out, too.
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    Interesting, and probably a financially great idea!
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    Quote Originally Posted by snoopy View Post
    ...........And have y'all heard that Lisa has been asked to do the female host role next year, and that she has accepted? I think she'll be great at it. She hosted for a few days of "Regis and Kelly" , and had an annoying habit of saying "True, true, that is so true!" every 5 minutes, but her natural enthusiasm for the dancers was sweet, and came across .. well, true! Plus the fact that she will have the added bonus of having been in their shoes will give her an empathetic edge. ..........
    Lisas was not asked to host/co-host the show itself. Samantha Harris still has that role (w/Tom Bergeron). Lisa does DWS commentary on the program "Entertainment Tonite" - which she is certainly qualified to do since she has been a contestant. I think she does a good job.

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    Re: Lisa Rinna-celebrity dancer.

    Link Here

    Not too shy to bare her bikini-ready bod, Lisa Rinna is apparently only gearing up for an even more revealing day in the sun.

    The TV Guide Network correspondent and former Dancing With the Stars contestant has more or less confirmed rumorsówell, she's certainly not doing anything to squelch themóthat she's planning to pose nude for Playboy.

    "I'm the worst liar on the planet, I can't lie, so...I think that could be a yes," she told Extra recently when asked about the possibility.

    Not that this will be a new experience for the 45-year-old mother of two.

    Rinna also took it all off for the House that Hef Built when she was Demi-on-the-cover-of-Vanity-Fair-pregnant with her and Harry Hamlin's now 10-year-old daughter, Delilah Belle, in 1998.
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    Re: Lisa Rinna-celebrity dancer.

    It wouldn't matter if she was naked in front of me, all I would be able to focus on are those fish lips of hers.

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