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Thread: 7/6 Finale Show Discussion**Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by boxhill
    And, to cap it all, she says she's going to Disneyland. Disney, the parent company! It was a win/win situation for ABC. Either plucky Kelly's heartbreak or plucky Kelly's win.
    You didn't take that seriously I hope. It's an old inside joke. Whenever someone wins (money or whatever) and they are asked, what are you going to do now, they answer "I'm going to Disney". It was started quite a few years back following a statement some winner (i don't remember who) made.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hikaristar
    One thing that is very hard when it comes to judges is the same thing that came to be known as a common criticism in the American Idol judges: inconsistency in what they want. I read many of the boring but technical vs casually fun and amateur standards vs professional standards in the thread and they are ALL good points... but I'm going to add a couple of my own anyway.

    If entertainment was going to be a bigger factor than technicality last night, it should have been like that the entire season. Unfair to just switch that up on a technically consistent duo.
    Excellent points. I didn't have the heart to watch - I was afriad something like this would happen, results-wise.

    This sort of thing is a huge reason why I got out of ice dance judging. Aside from small, local competitions, there was always an "anointed" couple, one who couldn't lose no matter how they (or others) skated. At the post-event judges' conference, the top dogs would be throwing around terms we were all supposed to "agree" with (at least publicly). So Golden Couple won this time because they were so entertaining, had lots of speed, crowd pleasing performance, etc. But next time, if someone else outdid them on those grounds, we would say "Oh, Golden Couple had much more precise footwork and partner holds, more difficult choreography."

    Of course, this is an overgeneralization, and I never witnessed any explicit rigging, but with something as subjective as ballroom/ice dancing, it's too easy for this kind of thing to happen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DesertRose
    You didn't take that seriously I hope. It's an old inside joke. Whenever someone wins (money or whatever) and they are asked, what are you going to do now, they answer "I'm going to Disney". It was started quite a few years back following a statement some winner (i don't remember who) made.
    You are partially correct. It was a paid campaign by Disney, not a joke. They paid people--such as quarterbacks who might win the Superbowl, or pitchers who might win the World Series--to say it in the postgame interviews if they won.

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    I think the first time I ever heard it was when Nancy Kerrigan said it years ago after a skating competition. I didn't catch it when Kelly said it but I don't think I would have even thought anything about it if I had. It has gotten to be a standard joke, it seems. You hear it all the time.

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    It was first said by Phil Simms of the NY Giants after winning the MVP in the 1987 Super Bowl. The ads were said to be the brainchild of the wife of longtime Disney CEO Michael Eisner. Jane Eisner reportedly got the idea at a luncheon with aviator Dick Rutan, who joked that he would top his latest flying feat by taking his family to Disneyland.
    Disney is no longer running this campaign.
    Source: http://msn.foxsports.com/nfl/story/3356716
    A complete list of who said it for Disney

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melsevene
    Well, I'm not Estella, but let me give this a shot -
    ABC is have a stellar year, something they haven't had in years. They want desperately to spread this good fortune to all other aspects of their programming - GMA, news, daytime - so once the show got rolling a little bit and they saw it was a hit, why not promote one of their own from daytime TV and let her be the Comeback Kid and take it all? Great publicity and maybe a few additional viewers to see Kelly in her daytime role?

    I don't begin to understand why TV execs do what they do, but rigging the outcome of a TV program is not unheard of and certainly has been done (somewhat successfully) in the past.

    What I do know is that I love to watch ballroom dancing and have watched a number of competitions on PBS, but I'm no expert. I did, however, see mistakes in just about all of Kelly's performances (and other stars too, I don't want to just single out Kelly). So if I can spot a mistake with my little knowledge of ballroom dancing, what was wrong with the judges last night? And yes, these are not professionals, but if there are blatant missteps, no one should be getting 10's.

    The judges and ABC blew this one. Big time.
    Thank you Melsevene.
    I also want to point out that there are few fans who can compare with the loyalty and devotion soap opera fans have. Combining one of the most popular soaps on ABC with a new breakout reality show can only mean one thing in the hands of ABC - $$$$$$$$$. Legions of soap opera fans instantly became devotees of Dancing With The Stars (and vice versa) because of Kelly's rise-to-the-top plot line.
    And on that note, I think I shall retire from this thread. Thanks for all the fun discussion over the last few weeks! Sayonara, sweethearts.

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    new judges or else!

    I, for one, will never watch this show again unless they hire real dancing judges that are impartial. I feel so ripped off by the finale.

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    I don't have anything against Kelly Monaco, but like others posted, the performance in the finale had quite a few mistakes that even the most untrained eye could spot. In fact in the earlier performances when the judges were very critical of her, I did not see the mistakes that they harped on.

    If Kelly won because of the popular vote, I could accept it. What I have a hard time accepting is the judges giving them perfect scores.

    When the performance was over I was crossing my fingers hoping the judges would not ream her too hard. Imagine my jaw dropping shock when these harsh and nit-picky judges rhapsodized about that performance.
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    I agree with 'aga.' I quote my own post from Kelly's thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by MouthAlmighty
    Just don't get it

    Yeah, Kelly worked hard, as did all the other contestants, HOWEVER, Kelly wore those skimpy little costumes and shook Her--- to compensate for NOT REALLY DANCING.

    There J-U-S-T W-A-S N-O R-E-E-A-A-L-L F-E-E-L-I-N-G in her dance.

    There were some nice moves every once in a while, but dancers couldn't really get into the flow of what Kelly and her partner were doing. I watched the show weekly with a group of people Wed. nite and everyone was soooooooo disappointed at the Finale.

    Kelly may be a nice girl - but we vote for the DANCE & DANCERS

    Those judges were worse than ANTM's Nole, Nigel, MR. J, Kimmora AND TYRA

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    I totally agree with estella_nyc!! It was all about the rabid soap fans. More people watch General Hospital than you can ever imagine. I work with two GH fans who horse-blindered it throughout the entire show. Kelly this, Kelly that, I got so sick of this partiality. She could have scooted across the floor, taken a cr*p (literally) in front of everyone and then belched loudly and put her hand up to her mouth afterwards, and crowds would cheer and she'd still get all the votes! I've got to tell you about my personal watching experience Wednesday. My daughter was pestering me from 9:20 via cellphone onwards. "Can you pick me up from work in ten minutes?" I'm like, "Um, no, you know I'm watching this show; I thought you were working until ten". She calls me back at 9:33. "Mom, the boss said I could go now if I wanted. Are you still watching that show?". I was like, "Well, you can just wait because this show doesn't end until ten and you know it!" She called me two times after, by then I was screaming because all I was waiting for was John and Charlotte to beam with pride at the end! That was all I wanted, man! At 9:55 I stood literally one foot in front of the TV with my finger on the "off" button (I didn't even have the remote in my hand at that point). As soon as they said the word "Kelly", I went boomp with my finger, turned it off and headed out to pick up "the little one", totally frustrated and angry. Never liked that Kelly, I don't care "how far" she's come or "what a fighter" she is or "how determined". She turned me off from Day One! And her greasy partner, too!

    Hated that ending! Loved the rest of the series! John and Charlotte need to come back for a repeat dance-off (so when do ya think they'll have the Allstars series of this lol).

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