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Thread: 7/6 Finale Show Discussion**Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by H2O
    I didn't find the dance worthy of all 10s but with the score that John and Charlotte were given the judges were forced to hand out 10s.
    The judges weren't forced to hand out 10's because of John/Charlotte's score unless they specifically needed to have Kelly/Alec win. And any reason for needing to have them win can only come back to ABC's dishonest judging/winner selection. Otherwise, the 'judges' wouldn't be forced to do anything other than score honestly and let the chips fall where they may.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogbat

    If I were Johns wife I think this would have been uncomfortable. It is all too common to fall in love with your leading lady in Hollywood, happily married or not.
    I think John and Charlotta were the better dancers and should have won. However, the moment Kelly showed us her teeny weeny A** cheek underwear, I knew they would win.

    As for John, far to classy to make his wife uncomfortable. I thought it was so sweet of him to acknowledge her at the end of the show. Charlotta was totally the one throwing herself at John. She was all over him, but he maintained his dignity and decorum with her. Good for you John. But, once again, this became a popularity contest. Kelly has a bigger fan base.

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    I had doubts about whether the above comment even deserved a response, but here goes anyway.

    I disagree that Charlotte threw herself at John any more than he behaved inappropriately toward her. Part of these dances is to create a persona, a story. And part of creating the persona is to show chemistry between yourself and your partner. It's simply another form of acting. Would we rather see two stick figures who maintain distance between each other at all times? I think not.

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    Fixed fixed fixed fixed fixed.
    A disappointing end to a show that actually had some potential. ABC has taken all of the credibility out of Dancing With the Stars. John and Charlotte, you were fantastic. Kelly and Alec - well, Alec did a good job. Kelly, again, nice use of your "assets".
    Just like American Idol, the show has proven that the deserving people never win, only the contestants which the network has identified as their desired "winners". A shame, really. I'm not going to watch if there's a second season - no point in enjoying the competition if it's rigged.
    Truly disappointing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bbnbama
    I was actually more thrilled with the commercial for Oceanic-air.com (which to people who don't know...that was a subtle commercial for the TV series "Lost"...FYI-Oceanic Air is the airline they were on when it crashed)...I loved the fact that only the people who were Lost fanatics would know what the heck that commercial was about..another subtle reminder of that great series!!!!
    THANK YOU! I just KNEW that Oceanic-Air was the name of the airline on LOST. I should never have doubted myself

    Oh and just to keep this post on-topic, the results were a sham. No way Kelly and her partner deserved three 10's. No way. No how. ABC knew the outcome they wanted and did what they had to, to secure it. Disappointing. I didn't watch but more than a few snippets along the way until tonight when I watched most of the show (missed Patrick Swayze, drats). Hubby loved John's faces... to me, it was super annoying. Even more annoying to hear hubby wax so poetic about it (I mean, really, is that a key factor in ballroom dancing? uhm... no). I still think John and Charlotta were the better couple and Kelly/Alec just had the hootch-factor going on.

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    ABC had to have an ABC star win. John and Charlotta were consitantly the best out there, hands down.
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    I can't believe so many of you are so hard on Kelly! I think she is great! She made it known that she is not a good dancer and is pretty much a clutz. Considering those two things I think she did great!!

    I think she is incredibly cute and saw nothing wrong with her outfits! She is petite and has a great body and all the female dancers were wearing "skimpy" outfits. She picked ones that showed off her assets - mainly her incredibly flat tummy - and I think she looked awesome!

    I also think her dance moves were not stripperish! She said more than once that she excels at faster dances, as she is not that graceful, and I think she took that strength and went with it!

    Personality wise I also think she is a doll. She stayed postive, upbeat, she's a hard worker - she did her show (GH) and this one (while most of the other "stars" are doing nothing right now), she's funny and knows not too take herself too seriously!

    I think she was great to watch and deserved to win! I also liked John and do agree that he was most consistent. But overall and I very glad Kelly won! Sorry for the rant - JMO
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    I'm really surprised at how upset so many posters are that John lost. While John and Charlotte did look elegant/classy while they danced, I wasn't especially entertained by them. As I mentioned before their free style dance was a complete mess and I was embarrassed for them. I was shocked that they got 9's for it.

    If this show was all about being technically perfect, none of the scores throughout would have been nearly as high as they were and they wouldn't use non-ballroom music. The judges had to take into account that the contestants aren't professional dancers and adjust their scores accordingly.

    I got the impression that the dance floor was fairly large. If mistakes are made on the side of the floor opposite the judges they aren't likely to pick them up. Kelly and Alec did mostly high-energy dances which I find far more entertaining than slower, less involved ones. It's only fair that extra points are given for a higher degree of difficulty just like in gymnastics and skating. Given the amount of time they are allotted to prepare for each show, perfection is not a possibility and the judges must adjust for this.

    Evander was the only contestant that didn't deserve to win. I would have been content with any other winner even though I found some to be far less entertaining than others. I'm looking forward to the next segment.

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    I was happy with the result. Yes, John and Charlotta danced more consistently over the weeks but I feel Kelly had the most growth. I would have been fine either way. I did think the freestyle J&C did was very weak in comparison to their other dances while K&A were stronger even though they, too, had some slightly weak moments. Overall, I love this show. I'll watch it again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss_Griss
    I just heard that some other channel is ripping off this idea but doing it with ice skating. Anyone know anything about that?

    Interesting idea and way more potential for serious injuries ;-).
    Now THAT I would watch. Oh, wait. I'd watch ANYTHING. I'm such a reality tv whore. *sigh*

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