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Thread: 7/6 Finale Show Discussion**Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muduh
    I totally agree about Patrick Swayze. He isn't looking well at all. He isn't quite as spooky as Bert Reynolds, but close.
    I thought he looked scary,too. It looked like he had a bad face lift and his right ear was sticking out. His eyebrows looked like they might have been permanently damaged from overplucking during the filming of "To Wong Foo, Love, Julie Newmar".....

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    That last comment about a commercial reminded me...I just luv the new Sprint commercial with Rachel Hunter. "Supermodel-flat-out-hottie plan" ...it makes me chuckle every time I see it

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    Okay, there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that the final results were honest. There is no way in hades that Kelly's last dance rated even one 10, much less 3. I counted I don't know how many missteps she had, and obvious false steps. For whatever reasons ABC had, for that dance to receive 3 perfect scores was a complete abuse of trust for people who expected honest judging.

    And no way that John and Charlotte could not have won, given their consistent high scores and performance.

    I guess because Kelly is on an ABC soap opera, they had to make sure she won. I can think of no other reason by any stretch of the imagination why she was given 3 perfect scores for a flawed dance, and how her consistently average or below average scores and performance could have beaten John and Charlotte's scores and performance. And I don't buy for a moment that the viewing audience preferred Kelly to such a huge margin that it could overcome the differences.

    Nice going, ABC, nice way to get your desired result. I'll watch next season if they have one, because I enjoy the dancing. But I won't be so naive as to believe for a moment that ABC believes in honest and unbiased judging.

    Amazing. Disgusting. :nono

    And, oh yeah... Kelly didn't win anything tonight. She had something handed to her on a silver ABC platter.
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    Never expected to enjoy this show, and it was a great surprise. I cannot wait for another series. I am happy with Kelly and Alex winning it all. She exudes sensuality and once they finally felt comfortable with each other, their dances were HOT! Good on ya Kelly!

    As for John and Charlotte, they peaked too soon. I loved him at the beginning, and he looked to be a shoe in to win the whole thing. Only they had nowhere to go. They were just that good and consistant, which meant they could only go down. But they added some real class and elegance to the competition. Wonderful job John, I enjoyed your performances.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karennz
    I thought Kelly was unfinished in many of her moves in the last dance. And their timing was off on that big lift at the end.

    She actually FELL at the end of that lift... If we can see it right here from home, one has to suspect that the judges were given their "instructions" prior to the performance. I thought it was interesting that heading into their final dance, the 3 perfect scores were the only way that Kelly and Alec could pull ahead in the judge's scoring.

    I really do feel bad for John... it seems like he figured out that he had picked the wrong gameshow to try and win by the time they were standing there waiting for the final results. Maybe if Seinfeld had been an ABC show, he would have had a better shot at it.

    I guess now I'll just wait for Kelly's playboy issue to come out.

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    Wow, until the results were announced, I didn't think I had a preference. I was just liking the show - something light, sparkly and as immaterial as the women's costumes.
    But, I find that I would rather John and Charlotte won. Go figure.

    Oh well, it was a fun show while it lasted. I'll likely watch again, depending on who is cast.

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    I think it was rigged. There was no way that last dance was worth 30 points. I saw several stumbles and trips. John and Charlotte were ripped off.
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    Kelly won? I was watching but got a phone call and missed the end. I did see Kelly's last dance and it was not as good as John and Charlotte. I hate to think it was rigged but I'm beginning to wonder. The judges gave them 3 10s??
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    I think if some of us older folks were into the phone voting thing, John would have won. It's the "youngsters" who have the patience to redial and redial. I don't think the judges were rigged in any way, and some of you were right when you commented that sex (translation:cooch) sells. My husband and I actually watched this series together, although he hates reality shows in general. It was a surprise to me that we would enjoy it so much after some strange summer replacement reality shows (Paradise Hotel?) in the past.

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    I also saw what appeared to be stumbles during Kelly's dance and didn't think it deserved a perfect score. She did improve tremendously from the beginning of the show though. However, I much preferred John and Charlotte and I really wanted them to win!
    I must say I was surprised to enjoy this show as much as I did. Bring on the next one.

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