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Thread: 7/6 Finale Show Discussion**Spoilers**

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    Voyeur called it. This was reality tv show rigging....let you think one has it in the bag, and the come from behind contender wins.
    When WILL I learn????


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    the guy's still a studly muffin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kocky_Kamikaze
    the guy's still a studly muffin.
    HE is a fantastic latin dancer, no doubt. She, on the other hand.....

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    What I have never agreed with during this show is that the fan voting is behind one week. Your last performance doesn't mean a thing to the people watching.

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    Quote Originally Posted by onewally
    I feel a certain fondness for Trista. I think she had lots of potential in this series...a lot of natural ability. too bad she lost early on.

    Costume wasnt great tonite...and her hair needed to be pinned.... but nice to see her again.
    Agreed. I maintain that she lost because of her creepy partner. It often seemed like a power struggle with him and their dances suffered because of it. He did her no favours.
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    I'm glad Kelly & Alec won. I have to admit that I wasn't impressed with John & Charlotte's freestyle dance and what was with Patrick Swayze's look??? My God he's aged! He looked terrible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nilesgirl
    : what was with Patrick Swayze's look??? My God he's aged! He looked terrible.
    Tsk tsk, Nilesgirl. It happens to all of us.......everytime I look in the mirror I say...What is with my look!!! My god I've aged!!!

    I thought he looked pretty good.

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    I guess I'm in the minority. Though they weren't my favorite out of all the couples, Kelly and Alec deserved to win. Not only did she grow so much as a dancer but they also took tons of risks as a couple. I really wasn't a fan of John, his faces were a little too much. I liked Charlatta but she has such an old presence.

    This was my favorite reality show of the summer along with Beauty and the Geek. I can't wait until next season.

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    I have no problem with the way this turned out. The fault is in the show's guidelines. The judges' scores are purely subjective and the call in votes are a popularity contest. Nothing can be done about the judges' scoring, because that is just the nature of the beast. Non-elimination would even out that scoring from one week to the next giving everyone a fair chance. Call ins should only continue if they are used specifically for a "most popular" award.

    The trophy is tackier than any of the dancers' costumes worn throughout the season. That needs to be replaced by a tasteful plaque and donation to their charity.

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    This show is so rigged.

    Carrie Anne's marks for that last free style? Ludicrous.

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