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Thread: Predictions for the Winners?

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    Predictions for the Winners?

    If I understand the scoring correctly, this is very likely to end in a tie: John and Charlotte are most likely to win the judges' vote, and Kelly and Alex are most likely to win the phone-in vote. [Carefully avoiding any negative remarks about you-know-who here! ]

    That means, I believe, that the ultimate choice will go to Len. And how can he possibly pick anyone other than John and Charlotte, based on what we've seen so far?

    That's my prediction for what will happen. [Or is it just wishful thinking?]

    How about you?

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    John & Charlotte should win -- they're loads better than Kelly & Alec. I don't know how the audience voting will have gone. Kelly will have gotten all the soap opera votes, and John definately got all of the casual veiwer's votes, as they were head and shoulders about the rest of the teams last week.

    I thought that if it was a tie, the audience votes is the tie-breaker... if that's the case, then there's no point for the judges to give scores, whichever team won the popularity vote will win no matter what.

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