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Thread: 6/22 Episode Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

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    Its on like Donkey Kong! DarKensoul7's Avatar
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    I am done with this popularity contest! My favorite team is gone...Rachael is gone *sobs* . Rachael is certainly better than the other 3 teams! Ughh, I can't believe so many people are voting for their favorites instead of voting for the best. I think only the judges score should count hehe, so the winner isn't a biased winner. I am not watching this show anymore ABC...you just lost 1 viewer lol!
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    I don't think American Idol would have become so popular, if the call in voting system hadn't been established. That system is OK there because most of the viewers will become the fan base of the winner and have some ability to recognize this type of talent with Simon's guidance.

    Far fewer people (myself included) understand Ballroom Dancing and judge it with an "I know what (who) I like" viewpoint. Since this makes it almost pure favoritism, I think the call ins should reflect only 1/3 not 1/2 of the total points scored.

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    Unlike most of the other posters, I didn't think this was Kelly's best night. She didn't have full use of her arms and hands because she was too busy holding up her top.

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    It's hilarious to me to hear Joey and Ashly dance to Tequila. I'm used to hearing it at the University of Washington football stadium after the Huskies score. Yeah, I have no idea where the tradition came from.

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    I thought John and Joey looked great, so obviously I'm not seeing what the judges are seeing. I was too old for New Kids fame, but I'm enjoying Joey on this show. He always looks like he's having a good time. I also like the chemistry between he and his partner. I have always loved John, so maybe I could very well be prejudiced when it comes to him. I would love to see him continue on for a while...but please, no red speedo. Ever.
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    I actually love this bottom 3 combo.


    Rachael as good as she was technically, was very clumbsy looking on the dance floor, perhaps b/c she's so tall...
    I also thought her dance today was b-o-r-i-n-g. And she always thinks the splits and long leg moves will make us not notice her lack of personality.
    I also think a lot of viewers didnt vote for her b/c she made a point last week to talk about how much she cared about the JUDGES votes. And she got them, b/c they really like her, and gave her scores she didn't necessarily deserve. But, she made no mention of caring what us lowly viewers think. So she didn't get the viewer votes

    John, I like him b/c he's entertaining and fun, and tries really hard. Plus for a tall guy, he's so much more graceful than I would've thought. He rarely messes up his steps, and he toned down the funny faces tonight, which was good.

    Joey, I think he's pretty much always on point w/his dance steps. He's corrected the "posture" problem, and I think he and Ashly have GREAT chemistry and both try hard to get it right. I always love his performances, they are fun to watch.

    I think Kelly was the best tonight, both in the Samba and the waltz. I think she did GREAT covering up her malfunction, and I did notice that even while holding up her dress she didn't miss a single step. She just really kept it going, which I know I couldn't have done. I think she 100% deserved those 9's. She's really come a long way...

    All in all, I really look forward to next week

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    My favorite couple is still John and Charlotte. They just have a nice flow to their dancing and it's classy (well, except for some of the choreography in that samba piece...).

    Rachel and her partner- they did a lot of stuff apart from each other. I don't know about ballroom dancing, but is it like ice dancing and pairs skating where the partners should be together most of the time? And I didn't really see much "dancing" (not that I know what real ballroom dancing is) - more or less just tricks here and there. And I really did not like that handstand thing.

    Joey and Ashly - was good. I think they're improving. It is kind of funny how Ashly is the one practically breaking down because of all the pressure, when she's the pro. But it is tough for her, since she's the pro, but he has to lead. (As a ballet dancer who has to partner with novice guys, I can tell you it's not fun).

    Kelly and Alec - her strap coming off was distracting, so much that the only thing I was thinking was how she was going to get extra points for continuing dancing and not letting her costume problem affect her.

    As for the Viennese Waltz- John and Charlotte + Rachel and her partner both did well. Kelly and Alec- because she's so much shorter than he is, he can do lifts and spins with her easily. Compared to Rachel, who with heels on, is taller (or almost) than her partner. Kind of sucks. Some of Kelly and Alec's steps didn't really seem to fit with a waltz theme (but that's just my opinion). And Joey and Ashly- wow. They did a lot of stuff, but again, didn't really seem to fit the "waltz" theme. But they did it well.

    BTW, I was appalled at the fact that the lady who was teaching Kelly and Alec ballet (forgot her name) expected Kelly to be able to stand in a perfect 1st position (with the toes perfectly turned out). Not that she told her to, but she didn't tell Kelly not to. A ballet teacher would never ever let a beginner do that. Unless you wanted her to screw up her knees...

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    Phew....Joey is still there
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    Kellly Wow. Very nice. She has come a long way.

    Rachael She needed a taller partner. I bet they picked the dancers before the stars. She was my favorite and I was sorry to see her go. Not great last night but that was the choreography's fault. The routine was dull, not Rachael.

    Joey I did not understand the judges critique. It looked like he did a great job from where I sat. What a cutie.

    John He does very well for a man of his height, weight and physical condition but he is chewing the scenery with his dramatic facial expressions. Charotte is absolutely beautiful.

    Looks like Kelly is a shoo in to win this. Voting shows are most always a popularity contest, unfortunately.

    There has been a lot of talk about AI doing the 5 vote system. Though it makes sense here, it would be impossible. All contestants would be too close in votes. The maximun number of votes would be logged for each contestant and it would come down to the phone systems efficiency.

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    Kelly and her partner did indeed improve to top standing this week. There was good chemistry and hip action from both of them during the samba.

    Rachel and her partner did seem a bit stiff in tonight's dance.

    Joey seems more show than dance.

    John and Charlotte had fun and did lots of tricky looking steps. I did agree there was minimal hip action to the samba.

    No way you could judge the waltz. The camera was stuck on the spotlight couple and you never got to see the other couples dance.

    Sorry to see Rachel go, I thought Joey would be the one.

    I find it odd that the popular vote of the previous week and the judges vote of the current week combine for the final tally.

    For whatever reason the popular vote seems to go with Kelly. I'm glad she's making the attempt to improve every week or it would be ridiculous to have her the top celebrity dancer.

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