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Thread: Predictions for next week

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    Predictions for next week

    Here's what I think will happen next week:

    John & Charlotte (ugh!) and Kelly and Alec will be safe.

    Joey & Ashly and Rachel & Jonathon will be in the bottom two simply because they don't have enough popularity votes, even if they give a good performance.

    Who I want to go: John & Charlotte
    Who will go: Joey & Ashly

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    I think Joey and Ashly will go, but I would prefer that Kelly and Alec be sent home.

    I also see John and Charlotte falling in the judges eyes more. Once you're at the top, you have nowhere to go but down.

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    FORT Fogey
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    Jan 2003
    I think Rachael is gathering support. I voted for her this week and last. Voters tend to root for an underdog and Rachael is one with skill, beauty and a vulnerable appeal. She will be safe.

    John and Charlotte are full of themselves even tho Charlotte toned it down this week, they could slip some more. Johns mugging is getting old. Too over the top.

    I am going on a long shot hunch and put John in the bottom two with Joey. Joey will leave next week.

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    FORT Fogey
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    May 2003
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    I like both John and Rachel, but I think John may be in the bottom two this week if folks think that they already have enough support...though I don't think they'll go.

    Who I want to go: Kelly (I haven't liked any of their performances)
    Who will probably go: Joey (I didn't really like their dance as a Jive, but did enjoy the performance)

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    RENThead JLuvs's Avatar
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    I really would like Kelly to go.

    My pick, though, is Rachel. I think that she is great, but I think it will be Joey and Rachel in the bottom two and I don't want Joey to go.
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    FORT Newbie RuskyBiz's Avatar
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    I like Rachel. I hope Kelly goes. I predict Joey will go.

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    His Peace after the Storm cafegirl's Avatar
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    I really wish Joey would stay longer because I think he has the most talent at dancing and seems to have the most fun of all of the celebs. I think John just knows good showmanship but his steps are often missed. At first, I didn't like Rachel however her skills and style have impressed me more each week, and I would put her up there with Joey as the best two dancers. I think Kelly is just getting the sympathy popularity vote because the judges are so hard on her. That said, I think sadly, Joey and possibly Rachel will the bottom two with Joey leaving. John will probably remain on top with his scores.

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    FORT Regular emeraldsong's Avatar
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    Who will be safe -- John and Rachel

    Kelly's fan base will think she is safe and so she and Joey are in the bottom two.

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    Big Electric Cat jasmar's Avatar
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    This show is a perfect example of why I am so glad ANTM doesn't have audience participation. Audience voting works for something like American Idol (well, I guess that's debatable, too) because the voting audience is generally intimately familiar with pop music.

    With something specialized, like ballroom dancing or modeling, my preference is to leave it to the judges.
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    I am thinking it will be a close call between Kelly and Rachel, with Rachel getting the boot.

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