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Thread: 6/1/05 recap - Dancing Stiffly With Those People I Saw Somewhere

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    The Grace Kelly of the Dance World????????????????

    Is this woman schizophrenic and forget to take her meds?

    She was creepy the way she held on to Mr. Peterman and that WEIRD look on her face!!

    How the heck can anyone like that compare themselves to one of the most beautful, talented actresses in American Cinema? I HIGHLY DOUBT that Charlott - UH could land a man period let alone a prince!!

    My dianosis: DELLUSIONS OF GRANDEUR with psychotic tendencies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    to tell the truth

    great recap Burnt, a combination of sarcasm and original wit.
    yeah John O'Hurley is also on to Tell the Truth, with his
    amazing sidekick Kermit the Frog (at times). I'd have thought
    they'd make him do waltz not cha-cha, since he'd look good in a
    tuxedo. Do they switch dances later? If I were one of the professionals (I used to be an instructor at Arthur Murray for 3 years) I'd prefer to be with Joey Mc since he is younger and it'd be easier to teach him something new. But you are right, those pros spend a lot of time around brown nosers and develop a very high opinion of themselves.

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