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Thread: 6/01 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    I actually like this show and enjoyed the dancing. I like Joey and his partner, and Trista (though not really her partner), Rachel Hunter just seems like she is trying too hard and is sort of out of place, but I like her, and hope these three do well

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snapit

    My ranking on dance moves: (I obviously don't know about dancing if these judges are indeed professionals)
    Kelly - Trista
    John -
    Okay, I rewatched the show and now I have to eat crow and said my original rankings were very clumsy.

    I now rank this like this
    1st - Joey
    2nd - Trista
    3rd- John
    4th - Evander
    5th - Rachel
    6th - Kelly (she really didn't do as well as I had originally thought, although I still believe the judges were too harsh)
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    We will probably find that (as with AI) when the judges are excessively mean the fans (aka voters) try to make up for it by giving them votes they otherwise wouldn't get. With Kelly they were so harsh I was hoping she would say something snide to them in the nicest possible way, of course.

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