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Thread: Alec Mazo - Professional Dancer

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    Alec Mazo - Professional Dancer

    From the official site:

    Emerald Ball Latin Amateur Champion
    1st Place - 2001 International Grand Ball (San Francisco)
    1st Place - 2001 Holiday Ball (Las Vegas, Nevada) STATS:

    Style: Latin
    Age: 27
    Height: 5' 11"
    Nationality: American
    Based in: San Francisco
    Status: Currently competing with Edyta Sliwinska


    Alec is partnering actress Kelly Monaco, star of ABC's General Hospital.


    Alec moved to America from Russia with his family when he was 12 years old. His mother ran a dance studio, and today Alec runs the largest and most successful studio in California.

    Alec has a BA in Cognitive Science from UC Berkeley. He has appeared in the Vanessa Williams movie Dance With Me as well as numerous commercials.


    Alec has been dancing since he was five years old. Also a keen soccer player, Alec considers dancing a sport, and the competitive side of dance is what he loves most.

    Early on, Alec realized that dancing was a great way to meet girls; he found it gave him something in common with them, making him more approachable and talkative. He's been hooked on dancing ever since, and before meeting his girlfriend he enjoyed a fast lifestyle on the international dance scene.

    Alec and his partner Edyta Sliwinska only turned professional this year, having been successful amateur Latin competitors for the last five years. Alec says he is a very dominant, powerful male on the dance floor. He is fully aware of his good looks and admits that he concentrates on the aesthetic side of the performance as he knows that's what he's good at.

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    I am not sure how he and his partner work out there "creative differences" given that both seem a tad assertive....

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    Congratulations to Kelly and Alex for winning.

    Even though Kelly came a long way during the course of the show, much credit has to be given to Alex for his work with her and capitalizing on her better abilities.

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