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Thread: Evander Holyfield - Celebrity Dancer

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    Evander Holyfield - Celebrity Dancer

    From the official site:

    World Heavyweight Boxing Champion


    Edyta Sliwinska

    Born in Atmore, Alabama, Evander Holyfield moved with his family at a young age to Atlanta, Georgia. The youngest of nine children (four brothers and four sisters), Holyfield supported himself pumping airplane fuel and by working as lifeguard.

    Evander was especially close to his beloved mother Annie Laura Holyfield who taught her children that hard work was key to reaching their goals, establishing in Evander a quality that he would continue to exhibit in every aspect of his life.

    As a child Holyfield dreamed of representing his new hometown on the football field as an Atlanta Falcon. He joined the Warren Memorial Boys Club and quickly distinguished himself on the football field, but it was his curiosity that led Holyfield to his athletic destiny. Evander was fascinated by what went on in the restricted area of the boy's club -- namely boxing.

    After daily requests that were always turned down, Holyfield finally wore down coach Carter Morgan, convincing him to join the boxing team.

    As an amateur boxer, Holyfield represented the United States in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. Heavily tipped to win the gold medal, Evander took home the bronze after a controversial decision from the referee.

    That same year Holyfield turned professional, winning his debut pro fight against Lionel Byarm. He won his first world title (as a Cruiserweight) in 1986, and to this day remains the only undefeated, undisputed Cruiserweight Champion.

    Evander has faced numerous boxing legends in the ring, including George Foreman, Larry Holmes, Riddick Bowe and Lennox Lewis. He has a record of 38 wins, 7 losses and 2 draws, with 25 wins by knockout.

    On October 25, 1990, Holyfield fulfilled his lifelong dream of becoming the Heavyweight Champion of the world. Holyfield was the first cruiserweight champion to win the heavyweight title, which he has gone on to win a further three times, making him the world's only 4-time Heavyweight Champion of the World.

    In 1997 Holyfield famously faced Mike Tyson in the ring defending his WBA title. In one of boxing history's most unforgettable encounters, Mike Tyson bit off a large chunk of Evander's ear.

    Evander is a keen dancer and even owns his dance studio.

    A father of ten children, Evander lives in Atlanta with his third wife Cindy.

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    For some reason, I'm not feeling any love. Hopefully he can grow on me.
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    he's already a keen dancer who owns a dance studio. Flies like a butterfly, stings like a bee . . . I guess they DO train boxers to dance around the ring. And here I was expecting him to be rather clumsy, but that sounds way off now.

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    If competition gets heated, I wonder if he's worred about one of his competitors lunging at him with their teeth gnashing?
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    Hey, personally I'm rooting for Evander. I mean I've been a fan ever since he beat Tyson's punk ass.

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    I finding this an interesting choice, but as he is a dancer already he should be pretty good. (the line 'floats like a butterfly, stings like bee" pops into my head, even though it wasn't his line)
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    When I first heard Evander Hollyfield was going to be in this, I laughed my a$$ off. I didn't know that he was an accomplished dancer already . Anyways, I will enjoy seeing him and hoping that this can occupy my mind until my regular shows come back this fall!!

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    TEN kids?

    I'll bet he is a great dancer though.
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    At least he didnt name all ten Evander.......and I think he has an edge as boxers do alot of agility training....and stuff......I need to check the height of his partner.....I do hope that none of the producers thought it would be funny to place the tallest guy with the shortest lady....

    That would be just mean...almost as mean as having the shortest guy with the tallest lady.......

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    I thought he did really well.
    He launched himself into it, but after hearing that his footwork was the problematic area it did seem sa though his partner was trying to do the flashier moves at times to cover for the fact his footwork was limited.

    He looked very good in the outfit though and has a great upper body wiggle.

    All the guys were very enthusiastic, which really added to my enjoyment of the show.

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