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Thread: Evander Holyfield - Celebrity Dancer

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    He looked extremely flat-footed doing that quickstep. As if his shoes were too big or something. Edyta made him look good (or tried to), not the other way around like it's s'posed to be. It looked as if she was literally covering up his legs (and therefore bad steppin') with her skirt, swirling it around his legs.


    And what was that remark he made? Was he mumbling, "I came here to lose" or "I did NOT come here to lose"?? It sounded like the first, I swear! Left me feeling odd!

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    This is my first post. I've been watching a few reality shows and really like 'Dancing With The Stars.' I was impressed with Evander on the show and gave him a lot of credit for even doing it.
    Shows young ment that they can box AND dance. Anyway I was sorry to see him go, but I knew he wasn't going to last...It was still good to see him dancing!!! He made me smile.

    I've been watching the show since and I think Evander and John provided the most spark and FUN!

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