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Thread: 10/24 DWTS 23 Performance/Results Show *West Coast Spoilers*

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    Re: 10/24 DWTS 23 Performance/Results Show *West Coast Spoilers*

    What I loved the most about Team Past was they actually danced the whole dance as a team. I believe that was a first. Normally all team dances have 4 solo sections in the middle, but they didn't. I really appreciated that and thought it was refreshing to see!

    I think Marilu and Ryan should be the next two to go....and then Jana can go so that everything will align and I'll have my dream F4! I believe they were actually in jep last night...Gleb doesn't have the fan base pull that Cheryl & Derek have...so I wouldn't be surprised if that was accurate.

    I voted for Calvin mostly and threw one vote each to James and Laurie. Solid night, but the decades are never my favorite theme. When I heard "Good Golly Miss Molly" I was instantly reminded of Kyle and Lacey's insta-jive...one of my fav dances!

    Honestly, at this point, I want to see Calvin/Lindsay take it. That's my dude! Humble, always improving, Lindsay is awesome...but I'd be happy with Laurie or James as well.
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    Re: 10/24 DWTS 23 Performance/Results Show *West Coast Spoilers*

    Here's hoping that we don't see Len again until the finals. After weeks of fun and excitment, last night was a downer with the dancers doing just ok so that the judges were handing out "7 " like it was candy.

    This is not professional ballroom dancing...I can see that on PBS. So from the first minute he was mentioning props, other dancers and other things he didn't want to see. .

    We saw all that the past few weeks and everybody loved it. Apparently that encouraged Ka to step up and put on her lift police hat after not hearing that for a while.

    Ok, Len get on the plane and leave us to having fun on DWTS.

    And the ending...yea, the couple with a perfect score was in jeopardy. I know that the pro can pull in votes---look how long Amber lasted mostly because of Maks---but even that gravy train ended, but that was a really stupid set up last night.
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    Re: 10/24 DWTS 23 Performance/Results Show *West Coast Spoilers*

    Team Past performed a Viennese Waltz to the theme from The Outlander TV series (a favorite of mine) and it was hauntingly lovely. Everyone did a good job. The other group Team Present's offering was a weird futuristic sci-fi dance that was uneven and felt quickly put together. It could not compare with the precision and grace of Team Past.

    As for individuals, I am very impressed with Calvin. For someone so large with enormous feet, he has become a very good dancer and gets better every week. He is one of my favorites to win it. My husband said he was called "Megatron" when he was playing football. James is also terrific and just has a feel for the music. He also has very good body awareness when performing the dances. Laurie is a cutie-pie, but immature and although she started strong, she seems to be losing a bit of steam. I was glad to see Maureen go home. It was time. Her constant crying was getting annoying. She really has some emotional issues that she needs to deal with. Marilu is great and I like her a lot, but she seems to be losing steam.
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    Re: 10/24 DWTS 23 Performance/Results Show *West Coast Spoilers*

    The past dance was where Sharna hurt her leg, all of the dresses were too long..
    Its interesting wtching the future dance again, I liked it..but not as much as the past dance. Also the music stumped both Val and Derek, so good job they got it, and not the other team..

    Go James!
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    Re: 10/24 DWTS 23 Performance/Results Show *West Coast Spoilers*

    I thought the Past Dance was wonderful. I enjoyed every minute of it & loved how they all seemed to move together.
    The Future Dance, on the other hand, I didn't like at all. I thought it was a bit of a mess. The music wasn't good at all, and although the dancers did fine with what they had to work with, it just wasn't good.

    By the way, I really don't like any of the Future type dances. Who the heck knows what music or dancing will be like in the future? They all make no sense to me, and the music is just never pleasant.
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    Re: 10/24 DWTS 23 Performance/Results Show *West Coast Spoilers*

    The future dance was too 'Rhythm Nation' for me. And not good. The past dance was just beautiful. I love that song! I almost always fast forward through openings when watching shows on DVR, but not Outlander. It stays with me as well, just as that dance has done.
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