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Thread: 7/6 Finale Show Discussion**Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by ladybug
    I didn't think it was possible but John and Charlotte were robbed. The judges knew very well that their scores basically would determine the winner (assuming that the viewer scores were close). It's like how figure skating was scored with ordinals (1st place, 2nd place, etc) rather than tallying the individual scores. I can't believe that professional judges (I think Len and Bruno are?) would give a routine like that a 10.
    That's the crux of the whole thing, isnt it? We dont know what the viewer votes were. If the audience vote had been tallied, perhaps more fans of the other dancers would have actively voted. Maybe not; I did vote once on the website but didnt bother to do it again. The thing is...if the judges preferred John and Charlotte, and the audience vote was for Kelly and Whoever, why would the two votes have to agree? Why couldnt they say...John and charlotte win the judges' votes and the audience went with Kelly and ?. It just looked really rigged.
    As it is tho....ABC could have said anybody won the popular vote...they never displayed any vote totals.

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    Yes, General Hospital played commercials during thier show. I think that it may have been during the other soaps on ABC, but I have seen it several times during the soaps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ladybug
    Kelly basically has to do nothing during the lifts except for keep her tummy tight - sure, it's spectacular and neat to watch but takes no skill on her part.

    Wrong, wrong, wrong. If it were me, I would have given them maybe an 8, and that's being generous. Tricks are often not as difficult as actual dancing... but that's what the casual viewer likes, I guess.
    Exactly, those lifts and tricks are relatively easy to do, the hard part is actually showing good basics in whatever dance your doing. And that's something I rarely ever saw from Kelly.

    I was happy that no one had ever scored a perfect 10 all season long because I believe that score shouldn't be handed out lightly... it should only be given a performance which is truly perfect... I myself wouldn't have rated any performance a 10 except perhaps John's foxtrot last week. This week I would have given him a 9 on his quickstep but probably only a 7 or 8 in his freestyle. Kelly however would have gotten a 6 from me on her freestyle for the reasons you mentioned...

    I too caught that long pause of hers when she held her foot up waiting for to him to start during the shine section after they came downstairs. Also, it was totally obvious that Alec dropped her out of that lift at the end... it definitely wasn't pretty coming out of it. Also her spins looked bad and the pot stirrer was wobbly. When doing open work she had very bad arm connection and frame with her partner... there is no way any true professional judge could have rated that a perfect score compared to every other performance this season.

    I totally agree with whoever said it was pretty obvious the judges were given the instructions ahead of time by ABC execs to make sure Kelly was going to win regardless of what her performance looked like. And I'm thinking the motive is probably "sex sells", after all both Kelly and Alec have extremely attractive bodies and like to show them off! I think the producers decided in favor of them over the prospect of John in his speedo (even though I believe he did lose the 20 pounds, it was said tonight).
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    Hi everyone. Just joined this forum tonight because I just found out about it yesterday. I am very excited to have found a place where people love reality TV as much as I do! I admit it, I'm a reality show junkie

    I knew John was a favorite of a lot of people, but I was surprised to read the opinions of Kelly throughout this thread. I am a GH fan (have been since 4th grade!), but I never liked Kelly on the show. Dancing with the Stars REALLY changed my opinion of her and I love the girl now! She took that harsh criticism in episode 1 so well. She really tried hard and proved to be a class act. I love her personality! She never came across as slutty at all to me. She did add sex appeal to her dancing, but I didn't think of it as slutty. That is just my opinion though. Kelly was my favorite from day 1 with Joey being a close second (I thought he was so good!).

    I'd like to think that the show wasn't a set up, but if it was, I am really sorry to John.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this show and can't wait for a season 2!!

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    Welcome to the Fort, aly!

    I was completely shocked with tonight's results. I thought for sure John and Charlotte had it in the bag.
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    Exciting final show with an unexpected result.

    I agreed with the judges and thought John and Charlotte's first dance was better than Kelly and Alec's.

    For the second dance, I thought John and Charlotte really tried to loosen up and appreciated their efforts. The dance seemed a bit forced in spots. I felt the all 9s from the judges were generous.

    Kelly and Alec's second dance was so trick laden, many of them we'd not seen before. They really took the risk in the final dance. I did see what I thought were slipups. I didn't find the dance worthy of all 10s but with the score that John and Charlotte were given the judges were forced to hand out 10s.

    John and Charlotte were clearly superior in Ballroom.
    Kelly and Alec were better in the Latin dances.

    I do think that final performance and the determined effort and hardwork shifted the tide to Kelly and Alec. Americans love the underdog. Kelly and Alec's work ethic and perseverance paid off.

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    H2O, I agree with you about the scoring. As I said last night, once they gave John and Charlotte all 9's, and Kelly and Alex performed so much better in the final dance, there wasn't anything left to do but give the 10's. That's why I hate to see them give such a high score to begin with. Kelly's dance probably didn't rate a ten, but then neither did John's rate 9's.
    I'd venture to say that probably many here are as ignorant as I am about all the intricacies of the performance. We either like it or we don't. I couldn't begin to pick out every thing that one team did and the other didn't do. Many others are probably right with me on that. We leave it to the professionals to make the call. I wasn't happy when they voted my favorite couple out the first thing either.

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    I really enjoyed watching John and Charlotte dance, as it was so elegant and refined. Kelly and Alec were good at their style, but all of their dances looked the same to me~ hip gyration, shake your booty, etc. As far as the "Perfect" dance at the end, Alec did All of the work! He even had a solo where he showed off his dancing and Kelly stayed behing out of his limelight.
    I cannot say much as I did not vote the whole time, but I was really rooting for John. It was just such a pleasure to see him dance with Charlotte, they were not only really good, they really enjoyed themselves!
    I did not enjoy watching Kelly and Alec as much.

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    I have mixed feelings about the end result. It is impossible for a man to compete against a woman in dance. The women's ability and opportunity to do tricks far exceeds the man's skill in doing the lifts, throws and supporting movements that showcase the woman. John really did not have a chance in the free style given Kelly's acrobatics.

    John was more consistant throughout and Kelly improved dramatically which was certainly impressive. The judging criteria was not clear. Both actors have received good exposure and the show was very entertaining and that is what this was all about. There is no way a competition like this can offer a level playing field.

    If I were Johns wife I think this would have been uncomfortable. It is all too common to fall in love with your leading lady in Hollywood, happily married or not.

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    I suspected the final result once the 10s were revealled, and I thought they were totally underserved for all the reasons mentioned. On the other hand, I can see also that there was no where for the judges to go when they gave all 9s to John and Charlotte. I really hoped that the final would have ended in a tie with the way the scoring goes, this was a possibility (though unlikely due to the audience Kelly slant). But, I had to turn the channel and watch the end of The Cut rather than watch Kelly's disbelieving acceptance of the trophy, and watch John try to be happy for her and accept the experience as the only reward.

    I will watch the first and second show if there's another season, but Kelly should have been gone after week 1, and if the same thing happens I may not continue. I debated watching after Rachel was eliminated (I thought it should be she and John in the final). They should seriously consider eliminating the audience vote next season, as it's only a popularity contest since there is not a huge population who is familiar with ballroom dance, and there is no product to sell after the show that needs audience support (as there is with American Idol).

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